Among Us Impostor Tips

In our Among Us Impostor Tips guide, we’ll talk about how to win a game while playing as an imposter. We’ll give you all the tips you need to know while making a kill, escaping a crime scene, and surviving the voting phase of Among Us.

Among Us Impostor Tips

If this is your first time playing this game, then these initial tips will help you get started.

It is only the imposters who can eliminate someone, yet crewmembers have an upper hand on imposters when the game begins.

When the game begins, pretend that you’re completing the tasks along with other crewmembers.

If you keep roaming around randomly looking for an opportunity to kill someone, you’ll be caught and kicked out.

You also need to make sure no one is watching you when you make a kill.


And if you kill someone without any proper planning and you’re afraid you’ll be caught, jump into a vent and stay there.

Jumping in a vent from a crime scene and appearing elsewhere can blow your cover.

You can score a kill from a distance. If you rush close to someone to kill them, they might figure out your intentions if they are good enough.

Use your sabotaging ability smartly and don’t just keep spamming the buttons. Know when to sabotage!

Also, you cannot sabotage doors and modules at the same time.

Doors cannot be dropped if a module is sabotaged, and modules cannot be sabotaged if a door is down.

Faking tasks

Imposters cannot complete the tasks; however, they can try and fake them to show they are a legitimate crew member.

All the completed tasks show up on the task progression bar, therefore if you fake doing a task and the task is still incomplete, you’ll blow your cover.

It’s better to keep performing a task until a task completion appears. There are four different kinds of tasks that you need to be aware of.

Common Task
This is a task that every crew member has to complete, but they have to do it individually.

This opens up an opportunity for the imposter to score a kill. These tasks can also be faked.

Short Task
As the name suggests, they can be completed quickly.

If not, then at least a part of them is performed without wasting any time. These interactions can be faked easily.

Long Task
They’ll have you faking a task for at least 10 seconds. These tasks are comparatively difficult to fake, but not impossible.

All you got to do is stand near to the POI and wait for a progression tick to appear.

If someone is observing you and there is no one else nearby, take them out.

Visual Task
The player observing you can see that a task is being completed.

If you’re faking these kinds of tasks you’ll be exposed. These tasks cannot be faked.

Sabotages and Emergency Tasks

Had it been solely up to faking tasks, it would have been very difficult for imposters to win the game.

Luckily, imposters have unlimited access to sabotages. And they can sabotage from anywhere form the ship.

However, sabotages do have a short cooldown period. There are five different kinds of sabotages.

Reactor Meltdown
This will cause the reactor to explode if it is not neutralized by the crewmembers within 30 seconds.

Neutralizing the reactor is a two-man job. Both the crewmembers will be in the same room but they won’t be able to see each other.

All of the crew members will head towards the left of the ship in this sabotage, in case you’re looking for a kill.

O2 shutdown
During this sabotage, crewmembers will be deprived of oxygen. Crewmembers will have 30 seconds to restore their oxygen.

The Crewmembers will head towards the right of the ship during this sabotage.

Lights Off
This will leave only a limited area illuminated around crewmembers and the rest would be blackened out.

This sabotage can be neutralized by flicking a switchboard, therefore make the best use of their limited vision while you can.

They won’t see their dead teammates either owing to limited vision.

Comms Off
this cuts off all station communications, hides crewmembers’ tasks, mini-map icons, and disables cameras.

This sabotage is countered by playing a minigame in the communications room.

Door Lock
This will lock any door for 10 seconds. Crewmembers can neither move out nor move in.

This gives you a good opportunity to trap someone in and kill them. However, when the doors are locked, you cannot perform any other sabotage.

Still, this is great sabotage as it can give you a clean and an easy kill if used properly.

The first two sabotages may seem lethal, but it would be on every crew member’s priority list to counter them.

And don’t forget to fake a panic after sabotaging. If you’re calm even when the oxygen is running out, you’ll blow your cover.

You can also counter your own sabotages to prove you’re one of the crewmembers.

Making a Perfect Kill

Taking out crewmembers is your best chance at winning the game, but, at the same time, it also puts you at a greater risk.

It can get you kicked out immediately if you’re caught.

And if one of the two imposters are kicked out, the game will turn into crewmembers’ favor.

If you are not sure about a kill, don’t make it. and before you attempt to kill someone make sure you have your escape route planned out.

Leaving through the same door that you entered could be a death trap. Only do it if you’re sure that there is no one around. Otherwise, you can camp in a vent.

Leaving on foot can be a probability if you use lights off sabotage.

As far as the sabotages are concerned, they create panic and they can provide you with an opportunity to make a kill.

Escaping vents can be tricky too as only imposters are capable of using the vents. If you pop up near other players you can blow your cover.

Also, you cannot sabotage when you’re camping inside a vent.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out on everyone, and see who isolates themselves or teams up with you. This could pave the way for a potential kill.

People will also have their suspicions if you visit a crime scene and leave without reporting it.

Also, look out for indirect monitoring. There could be a camera monitoring you when you kill someone, even when no one is around.

If the red light is flashing on the camera, this means you’re being monitored. To make a perfect kill, pick a room with a target.

Get into the room and make sure no one is watching you. lock the door, secure the kill, and use the vent to escape.

At times, you’ll have to get creative will scoring a kill. Such as using Comms Off sabotage to turn off the cameras before killing someone.

Security and electrical camping can also help you to get away with a kill. This, however, is only helpful during the initial stages of the game.

Other than that, there are a few areas that are risky for venting out, and killing, such as, Admin, Cafeteria, or the Oxygen hallway.

If someone saw you kill someone, immediately self-report and accuse the witness. This way it would be their word against yours.

Advanced Imposter Tips

Keep an eye out for the crewmembers who are playing with a plan and carrying the team. Kill them as a priority.

Those who are already playing their game without a plan are likely to be kicked out by their own crewmembers as potential imposters.

Use Lights Out frequently. It could pave the way for a quick kill.

In case someone figures out you are the imposter and they rush towards calling a meeting, turn off the lights and take them out.

Similarly, you can turn off the lights if someone saw you coming out of the vent and then take them out.

Look around and see who is throwing accusations. Take them out instead of the one who is being accused.

The one who is being accused, and is not defending themselves properly will be kicked out with or without your help.

Randomly closing the doors can also trigger a panic, which you can use to your advantage.

You can also make a clean kill when everyone is stacked upon each other. You can also stack yourself on them and then make a kill.

No one will know who killed who. You can also stack up with someone performing a visual task to fake it.

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