AMD RX Vega Price Rumored To Be Around the $850 Mark

According to latest rumors, the upcoming AMD RX Vega GPUs could be priced at $850. Here is what we know about the pricing and what we think.

A Swedish site claims that they have seen the retail pricing of the upcoming AMD RX Vega GPU and it is 7,000 SEK excluding VAT. This equals to $850. Seeing how the AMD RX Vega GPUs are going to be competing with the GTX 1080, this pricing is a bit high. Luckily this is not final yet.

This is still a rumor and until this pricing is made official we do not know for certain if the AMD RX Vega GPUs will be priced so high. Even if this is the actual price the site does not mention which GPU this is and it could be the top of the line water cooled version that costs so high

All things considered, we were all expecting a lower price and I expect the official price to be lower than what we see here. On the other hand, we know that HBM2 memory is much more expensive and there are supply issues so it is possible that the AMD RX Vega GPUs will be priced higher. If that is the case then HBM2 might not be the answer that AMD was looking for.

The chip size of Vega is also bigger as compared to Nvidia GPUs. While the GP104 Pascal chip found in the GTX 1080 measures 314 mm^2, the Vega chip comes in at 484 mm^2. So you can see the increase in size is substantial.

AMD is known for competitive pricing and if the AMD RX Vega price is high then this could be a bummer for the gaming community that was hoping for AMD RX Vega GPUs to be competitively priced as compared to high-end Nvidia GPUs. There is still time and we will be able to learn about the pricing of Vega GPUs at SIGGRAPH on the 30 of July.

Let us know what you think about AMD RX Vega price and what is the amount that you are willing to pay.

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