AMD RX Vega CrossFire Option Not Available, AMD Backing Away From CrossFire Like Nvidia Did With SLI?

We recently talked about AMD RX Vega CrossFire not being talked about at the launch event even though the AMD Vega FE scaled pretty well with one another. Keeping in mind 1.4X scaling is considered great , AMD Vega FE did very well. We wondered if AMD was backing away from AMD RX Vega CrossFire support and now it seems that you can’t use 2 Vega GPUs.

If you try and run AMD RX Vega CrossFire, you will find that there is no support for that in the drivers and when gaming or running a benchmark, only one card will be working, while the other one will be sitting idle doing nothing at all. This is not something new as Nvidia has also backed away from SLI and has recommended only using 2 GPUs and no more than that.

It is possible that AMD is doing the same here. Either that or AMD RX Vega CrossFire support is yet to be added. Backing away from AMD RX Vega CrossFire support would make sense as not only is the competition doing the same, but fewer people are interested in buying multiple GPUs. Developers are also less interested in providing multiple-GPU support.

Seeing how expensive the AMD RX Vega GPUs are, AMD RX Vega CrossFire would make little sense. Even if the pricing was not off, few people recommend using multiple GPUs for gaming unless you are playing games at 4K with all setting maxed out.

The cost is just not justified. You can get a better single GPU rather than slapping in another similar GPU in CrossFire or SLI. AMD might be cutting off CrossFire support entirely.

What do you think about the lack of RX Vega CrossFire support? Do you think that AMD is backing away from AMD RX Vega CrossFire support entirely or the company will introduce support later on with a driver update?

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