2020 Will Be High Performance Computing Year for AMD, Says Lisa Su

AMD CEO Lisa Su is quite confident about the 2020 lineup for AMD. According to her, 2020 will be high performance computing porduct year for the company.

The Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) CEO Lisa Su stated in her recent interview that 2020 is a big performance product year for AMD. The rapid increase in demand for computing power through the wide spread of applications and connected devices makes for a great opportunity in the lucrative market. This however will be achieved by delivering stronger and faster technology to match the individual needs.

Lias Su also stated that this year will be a breakthrough on previous technological limitations. This will result in working on much higher performance CPUs and GPUs to the consumers. AMD has aimed to bring new high performance solutions to the pc, gaming and data center markets.

The CEO pointed, in order to achieve their goals, research and development needs to be years ahead of the product launch. One outcome of this research method is the Zen CPU; a state of the art 7nm RDNA architecture based processor.

AMD has tackled against skeptics in the recent 5 years. This was thanks to the technological edge given by the new line of Zen and Zen 2 architectures. AMD has taken the lead from the archrival Intel with their EPYC 64 core processor. The 64 core processor showed high significant performance advantages over Intel in the datacenter. Su also mentioned in her interview that AMD’s generation 7 Zen 2 based mobile processors may also arrive in early 2020.

She also mentioned the upcoming Zen 3 Chips. The Zen 3 will be the last CPU for the AM4 socket type supporting DDR4. The company plans to move to DDR5 platforms in 2021. Furthermore a new graphics card might just be around the corner from AMD.

This new GPU is rumored to be based on a “Big Navi” Architecture which also claims to be the “NVidia killer” but not many details were revealed about the product except this product id

Su lastly discussed what role AMD will play in the console war between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. AMD will be powering both of these machines with their RDNA2 architecture. It still is leading the console market being the sole microprocessor supplier of both Xbox and PlayStation.

The technology used in both the devices is known as Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) which contains both the CPU and the GPU on one chip. This impressive architecture’s capabilities have been seen in the past and also released for desktops like the AMD Ryzen 2200G, 2400G and 3200G. With the reveal of the Xbox Series X, The excitement keeps building up as to what AMD has in store for the console experience and the rest of its line of computer hardware

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