AMD Patent Infringement Complaint Filed Against LG, Vizio And Sigma

AMD patent infringement complaint has been filed against smartphone and TV manufacturers namely LG, Vizio and Sigma. AMD claims that there has been a lot of money invested in technologies that are being used by these manufacturers and that the sales of these patented technologies are affected not only AMD but partners like Samsung as well.

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AMD Patent Infringement Complaint has been filed for U.S. Patent Nos. 7,633,506 (the ‘506 patent), 7,796,133 (the ‘133 patent) and 8,760,454. These patents are for:

“A graphics processing architecture that enables a large amount of graphics data to be rendered to a frame buffer”

According to the AMD patent infringement complaint, these patented technologies are being used in smartphones and TV produced by said manufacturers. These TVs and smartphones are hence patent infringing products. AMD has stated that these products violate their patents and the companies should stop these practices.

This means that these products should not be imported to or sold in the US. No claims have been filed as of right now but from past experiences, it is safe to assume that a claim will be filed against these companies if this is the case and they are indeed violating the AMD patents. This could end in three different ways, firstly AMD will win the claim and get some money.

Secondly, AMD could lose this claim and in that case lose money. The third case is that the companies could agree upon a licensing agreement that is mutually beneficial. The third case is a win-win situation for everyone as AMD would have licensed these patented technologies to these companies and would then have no problem with these products being sold in the US.


We will have to wait and see how this plays out. What do you think will be the result of this AMD patent infringement complaint?



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