AMD Believe the End of the Current Generation Console Cycle Is 2019

In recent comments AMD have said that they believe the current generation's life cycle will come to an end 2019. Will this be when we see the next consoles?

With Xbox One and PlayStation 4 doing battle to provide gamers with the best experience, we always seem to be looking at what will come next. If AMD are to be believed the current consoles life cycle will be coming to an end by 2019.

We reported before that they expect the next consoles to be coming around 2018, and this does fit the cycle. In recent comments made at the Raymond James Technology Conference, AMD’s CTO Devinder Kumar revealed some interesting facts:

Yeah I think the launch of these products happened in 20 — late 2013. So if you count 2013 by ’13, ’14, ’15 we are about to enter ’16. If you go to the past years and look at — if you say it’s a seven year cycle then ’16 is kind of right in the middle there. And the thing to remember is based on the information that has been provided let’s take the play station game consoles, the ramp of this product and the performance of this and from an overall standpoint is the best compared to any prior generation of play station, right. So that’s obviously very helpful from a viewpoint of the ramp in the product happening and we see from where we sit right now the strength continuing into 2016 and that’s why I said earlier that we expect the units overall in the current generation of game consoles being higher in ’16 than in ’15.

So if the current generation of consoles is expected to have a 7 year cycle, based on 2013 as the year it started the final year will be 2019. It will make perfect sense that in preparing for 2019 we’ll already know about the new consoles in 2018 and may even have the chance to buy them. Also, just because the console reach the end of their cycle in 2019, does not mean that this will be their final year. It is interesting though to know that by 2019 we may be seeing the next generation of consoles.

When do you think we’ll see the next consoles? Will we really wait until 2019? Let us know your thoughts below.

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