AMD Reaffirms Its Plans To Support AM4 Socket Till 2020 With The Launch Of B450 Motherboards

AMD has reaffirmed its plans to support the AM4 socket till the year 2020 with the launch its B450 motherboards in the market.

AMD made a big splash in the CPU market with Ryzen APUs and CPUs and also announced that it will support its AM4 socket till 2020. Now AMD has reaffirmed its plans to support the AM4 socket with the launch its B450 motherboards.

The B450 motherboards from AMD are for those who are looking for a motherboard for AMD Ryzen CPU with a budget constraint.

Despite being budget oriented, these B450 motherboards from AMD features some of the high-end features to provide a price-to-performance ratio that will definitely please the users.

The reason why this a big deal is that Intel changes the chipset after every couple of CPU generations. This forces users to buy a new motherboard with a new Intel CPU.

AM4 Socket, B450 Motherboards

However, AMD has changed the landscape for the CPU market a bit as AMD not only brought 8-core consumer level CPUs but also promised to support the AM4 chipset till 2020.

The AM4 socket used in the B450 motherboards is supported by AMD Ryzen and 2nd-gen Ryzen CPUs and will be supported by AMD CPUs that launch till 2020. This socket was introduced by AMD in 2017 with the launch of 1st-gen Ryzen APUs and CPUs.

This provides incredible forward compatibility for AMD CPUs and APUs which Intel has failed to provide to its longtime customers.

The B450 motherboards support StoreMI technology and brings platform updates with re-worked VRM and memory wiring specs that will help provide enhanced memory compatibility and stability.

Not only that, the B450 motherboards also support overclocking, a feature that is missing from Intel motherboards of the same tier such as B360 motherboards.

This surely is the step in the right direction from AMD as users will not be worried about changing the motherboard with every CPU upgrade till 2020.

Speaking of the AMD CPUs, according to stats revealed by MindFactory, AMD Ryzen CPUs sold more than Intel in July 2018. This is despite Intel selling bucket loads of Core i7-8700K during the same month.

For comparison sake, combined sales of Ryzen 7 2700X and AMD Ryzen 5 2600X don’t even come close to Intel Core i7-8700K sales.

Not only that, AMD has already caught and surpassed Intel in gaming and data center sectors of the CPU market.

This is according to CNBC’s Jim Cramer, who noted that Intel is no longer the dominating force in the CPU market as AMD has the right chips for data centers and gaming machines.

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