Alan Wake American Nightmare Manuscripts Locations Guide

Unlike the Manuscripts in original Alan Wake, Alan Wake American Nightmare manuscript locations are easier to find. They show up as a question mark on your mini-map and give a bright glow making them easier to spot even from the far.

These are 53 manuscripts scattered through Alan Wake: American Nightmare, and finding them all will unlock ‘One Day I’ll Buy a Stapler’ achievement. Furthermore, you just need to pick these manuscripts, you don’t have to read them.

These manuscripts will unlock weapon boxes within the game and in arcade mode so they can come quite handy at times.

Alan Wake American Nightmare Manuscripts Locations

Manuscripts Locations Act 1 Chapter 1 –The Mechanic

There are a total of 21 Manuscripts in chapter 1. The locations are as follow:

Manuscript 1: Alan Wake, the Writer

You will find a gun and the torch at the beginning and the page can be found right after the first two takens.

Manuscript 2: The Splitter

Get on the back of the last truck on the right, and look for the page on the rock.

Manuscript 3: Pages & Instincts

Head towards the gas pumps. When you get closer to the fences, look around them and you will find the page.

Manuscript 4: The devil is in the details

Now head towards the yellow jeep and the railway. The page is on the right fence past the rails.

Manuscript 5: Rewriting Reality

Head right towards the far oil pumps and the page is on the rocks near the fence.

Manuscript 6: Hunting Mr. Scratch

Head towards the Diner in the motel. There is a big oil rig in the way, where you will find the page.

Manuscript 7: Too many legs

Head to the backyard of the diner and you will find the page in left side of the building.

Manuscript 8: The satellite

Talk to the Emma in the garage and she will give you the page.

Manuscript 9: The Twisted Mirror

The page is in the motel room, next to the radio on the yard.

ACT 2, Chapter 1 –Setback Motel

Manuscript 10: The Specter

The page is right in front of you in the canyons.

Manuscript 11: The Appearance of Mr. Scratch

After the narrow corridor, the page will be under the shack on your right.

Manuscript 12: My best friend

Before arriving the motel, there is a shack with a truck and the page is at the left side of the shack.

Manuscript 13: Emma Sloan

Head towards the diner and the page is right on the table as you enter.

Manuscript 14: Night Springs

The page is on the front part of the dismantled bus near the gas pump.

Manuscript 15: Night Springs Arizona

Head to the railroad and look around the fences. The manuscript is down there on the fence.

Manuscript 16: Wake’s Friend

Head to the room facing the road with the ice machine nearby. You will find the page there.

ACT 3, Chapter 1 –Resolved Motel

Manuscript 17: Old Gods of Asgard

Look for the piece of wood after encountering an enemy. It is on your left.

Manuscript 18: Barry & the Old Gods

Reach the diner and the oil rig turns right again and reach the gate uphill. The page will be there on the pole.

Manuscript 19: Old Gods in the Studio

The page is right down the huge Motel sign when you get back to the Motel.

Manuscript 20: The Giant

Walk up the stairs to get to the pool. The page is there on a table.

Manuscript 21: Emma & Mr. Scratch

This is the last page of chapter 1 and Act 3 both, which can be found by the caravan.

Chapter 2, Act 1 –The Scientist

Manuscript 1 –Success

When you enter the gate, look at the front of the fire truck.

Manuscript 2 –The Genesis of Mr. Scratch

Get to the Deliveries Building and page is on the left, in front of the door.

Manuscript 3 –The Spiders

Follow the road to the entrance and you will see a white container. The page is on its left.

Manuscript 4 –Fighting the Taken

Get to the small parking lot and the page will be on the concrete traffic signal.

Manuscript 5 –Pressure

Get back to the main entrance of observatory and look on the rock in the left.

Manuscript 6- New Reality, Fragment 1

Just follow the objectives and the story of this one.

Chapter 2, Act 2 –Progress

Manuscript 7 –Dr. Meadows

Get past the gate on the left and you will see 3 cylinders. The page is behind them.

Manuscript 8 –Cosmological Truths

Head to the Deliveries Building and the page will be on the same wooden box on your right.

Manuscript 9 –The Darkness

Follow the path to the car. You will notice the page on the edge past the broken fence.

Manuscript 10 –The Nature of Stories

Reach the entrance and you will see a truck. The page is inside of that.

Manuscript 11 –The Taken

Proceed to the right side of the entrance and you will find the page on some boxes.

Manuscript 12 –Lost in the Dark Place

Get to the smaller observatory building and you will find the page beyond the pipes.

Manuscript 13 –New Reality, Fragment 2

Just like before, follow the given objectives.

Chapter 2, Act 3 –Completed

Manuscript 14 –Everything is as real as everything else

Head to the smaller observatory and the page is right before its parking lot.

Manuscript 15 –Dr. Meadows & Mr. Scratch

Head to the Deliveries Building and you will find the page behind the sign.

Manuscript 16 –New Reality

Can’t be missed…

Chapter 3, Act 1 –The Curator

Manuscript 1 –The Grenadier

Reach the main theater sign and the page is right on its feet.

Manuscript 2 –Bright Falls

The page is in the dumpster of the building which is appointed as your objective.

Manuscript 3 –A Car in Flight

Head to the large parking zone and follow the short wall outside it. You will see the page soon on the rock ahead.

Manuscript 4 –What Really Matters?

You will notice an orange wrecked car with flashing lights and opened trunk. The page is inside the trunk.

Manuscript 5 –Alice

Reach the backyard and the page is right there is the shack.

Chapter 3, Act 2 – Relapse

Manuscript 6 –The Dangers of Creation

Before entering the building, look for the page in the left of the stairs.

Manuscript 7 –Equilibrium

Walk to the Souvenir’s shop and turn left towards the wooden panoramic valley railing. The page is right there.

Manuscript 8 – The Doppel Ganger

Get down to the parking zone and you will find the page at the theater screen’s feet.

Manuscript 9 – The Plan

Head South of the small concrete building and you will see a horde of rocks. The page is right there on the rocks.

Manuscript 10 – Mr. Scratch’s Trap

Head South-west towards the windmill and you will find the page right there near the shacks.

Manuscript 11 – Survival in the Dark Place

Head left in the generator’s building and you will find the page on a table once you get the way to turn right.

Manuscript 12 – Serena Valdivia

Turn right once you get inside the building and you will find the page.

Chapter 3, Act 3 – United

Manuscript 13 – Serena & Mr. Scratch

The manuscript is past the parking lot on a rock.

Manuscript 14 – Focusing the Beam

The page is next to the TV in the safe haven by the small building.

Manuscript 15 – Alice’s Film

Turn left towards the yellow car with the flashing headlights and go west past it. You will find the page on a rock there.

Manuscript 16 – The Clothes

Get outside the Drive-in and past the ticket booths. Turn right, go ahead and you will find the page on a cactus on your right

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