Alan Wake 2 Writer’s Journey Videos Locations Guide

Finding Writer's Journey Videos adds to the intense story of Alan Wake 2.

You will come across 8 Writer’s Journey Videos in Alan Wake 2. These videos are necessary to acquire the The Trail of the Writer trophy/achievement. While the story-related videos are easily found, you will have difficulty finding the remaining ones as they are highly missable. Below, we will share all Writer’s Journey Videos locations in Alan Wake 2.

Writer’s Journey Video#1: The Dark Place

 Writer's Journey Video#1 alan wake 2

You will find the first Writer’s Journey Video during Initiation 1 – Late Night. You’ll find this video at the end of the chapter at the Talk Show Studio, where you found the flare gun for Alan. Reach the final cutscene when exiting the studio to collect this item in Alan Wake 2.

Writer’s Journey Video#2: Writing

writer's journey video#2 alan wake 2

This writer’s journey video in Alan Wake 2 is found during Initiation 1 – Last Night. Follow the northern part of Wheeler Street. Go past the Alley and find the TV Vision shop at the end to trigger this writer’s journey video after getting close to the TVs on the window.

Writer’s Journey Video#3: The Dark Presence

writer's journey video#3

After starting Initiation 4: We Sing, you must return to the TV Vision Shop. Approach the shop and trigger the writer’s journey video after getting close to the payphone in the TV shop.

Writer’s Journey Video#4: Visions

Writer's Journey Video#4

You will find this writer’s Journey video in Alan Wake 2 during Initiation 5 – Room 665. Head over to the Oceanview Hotel and make your way to Room 101. You can unlock the door using the keys in the Ballroom Break Room.

Follow the red carpet hallways to the end and enter through the door on the right. Break into the bathroom area in the room and use the door inside to exit room 104. You will find room 101 on the right side. The writer’s journey video is triggered after approaching the TV on the right.


Writer’s Journey Video#5: Stop Writing

Writer's Video#5

For this Writer’s Journey Video, you must visit the Poet’s Cinema during Initiation 8 – Zane’s Film. Go to the Refreshment Area and enter the Staff Only room at the end. Now, trigger the writer’s journey video after getting close to the TV on the desk.

Writer’s Journey Video#6: Initiation

Writer's Video#6

During the third loop of Initiation 8 – Zane’s Film area in Alan Wake 2, use the exit door to reach the projector room. Make your way to the end of the room to find another door with the exit sign above. Enter and trigger the Writer’s Journey Video.

Writer’s Journey Video#7: Murder Site

Writer's Video#7

This Alan Wake 2 writer’s journey video is found during Initiation 2: Casey. It will automatically play as you walk through the break room.

Writer’s Journey Video#8: Drowning

Writer's Video#8

This is one of the easiest Writer’s Journey video locations in Alan Wake 2. Visit the Talk show studio once again, and after getting Alice’s photographs from the basement, leave the area to trigger the video.

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