Alan Wake 2 Setter For Mayor Signs Locations 

The Setter for Mayor quest is one of the best quests in Alan Wake 2 as you can get an achievement AND pet the dog.

While most of Alan Wake 2 is dark and desolate, there are some fun-filled moments, such as where you find Setter For Mayor Signs. These are signs for an election campaign for Mayor Setter. To find them, you must first be playing as Saga Anderson.

After that, you must look for 6 different Campaign Signs For Setter. Once you collect them, you’ll unlock the quest to meet Mayor Setter and have a heartwarming experience. 

Below are the locations in the region of Bright Fall and Watery that you can explore in different story sequences to locate these Campaign signs.  

Mayor Setter Signs in Return 1: Invitation 

The first two signs can be found quite early in the game. When Saga comes back to Bright Fall to investigate Nightingale’s Murder, you can look for these signs. 

Mayor Setter Sign 1

The very first sign can be found across the “Oh Deer Diner”. When you come out of the diner, you will see a table set across the road with the slogan next to it, “Setter is Better”. 

Mayor Setter Sign 2

The second sign is also very easy to locate; when you head to the Sherriff station by Coal St., on the very left side of the station, you will see a Sign for Mayor Setter. 


Mayor Setter Signs in Return 3: Local Girl 

To explore the remaining campaign setter for mayor signs, you will need to reach Return 3. After that, you will get to Return 5 to get access to signs in Bright Fall and Watery. The Bright Fall Sign will be at the very start of the “Local Girl” Chapter. 

Mayor Setter Sign 3 

As soon as Saga comes back and the Local Girl chapter begins. You will see a Sign across the road on the right side next to Suomi Hall, with which you can interact in Saga’s Mind Place. 

Mayor Setter Sign 4 

Another campaign slogan that you can find in Watery is when you reach to the Giant Mr. Dippy statue this sign is placed on the right side of it next to a coffee table. 

Mayor Setter Sign 5 

The fifth Sign can be found in the Trailer Park area outside the Break Room which you can interact with. 

Mayor Setter Signs in Return 5: Old Gods 

The Final Sign can be found once you reach Return 5’s Chapter Old Gods. 

Mayor Setter Sign 6 

This Setter for Mayor sign can be found outside the wellness center in Bright Falls in Alan Wake 2. You will find the sign saying “VOTE Mayor SETTER to sit in office!” right next to the table. After interacting with it Saga can unlock the quest for finding Mayor Setter. 

How To Pet Mayor Setter In Alan Wake 2? 

Once you have collected all the signs for Mayor Setter, you can unlock a new Trophy, “The Nice Things in Life”. To get this trophy, you must head back to Suomi Hall where you located one of the signs.  

Once you are in the hall, walk up to the stage area, and you will find a cute black dog sitting on the stage. There will be a banner under him saying “Setter for Mayor”. Get close enough to him so Saga gets a prompt to pet Mayor Setter.

Once she’s done petting, you will be notified of unlocking this wholesome trophy. You also get rewarded with a Setter’s Charm, which allows Saga to reveal all hidden collectibles in the game. 

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