Alan Wake 2 Cynthia Boss Fight Guide

Cynthia will be a pain to deal with in Alan Wake 2. But if you approach her with the right strategy, you can take her out with ease.

In Alan Wake 2 chapter 5, “Old Gods,” Saga searches for her grandfather in the Valhalla Nursing Home and encounters Cynthia Weaver, a Taken. Cynthia’s character undergoes a huge transition after being consumed by dark forces in Alan Wake 1. In Alan Wake 2, Cynthia appears as a boss, and you must defeat her to find Saga’s grandfather.  

With Cynthia lurking under the dark shadows, she will search for you and strike you out when you least expect it. Her gust of water waves can drop Saga’s health to a great level. This guide will teach you how you can ace the fight against Cynthia in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 Cynthia’s Location 

Searching for her grandfather, Tor, takes Saga to the Valhalla Nursing Home. There, she meets Cynthia in her human form; she expresses concerns about a missing lantern and soon vanishes into thin air. This is when Saga learns that Cynthia is one of the damned souls consumed by the darkness. At this point, you need to move between a couple of places before you finally hit Cynthia’s location.  

Wellness Center 

After the Nursing Home, you need to move towards the Wellness Center. This is going to be your first stop. You will find a map of the wellness center and a manuscript page. These will help you navigate and understand the storyline better.  

Collect the used medical rags and pictures on the way to the Rehab Room. This room allows you to explore the remaining half of the wellness center. Make your way to the computer and then unlock it with security code 170823.  

From Basement to Overlay 

As you break out of the Rehab Room and try to get into Cynthia’s room, there will be a power outage. You will need to restore it from the basement. Once you enter, find the fuse, change it in the break room, and return to Cynthia’s room, which will now be opened. You will find Cynthia inside and the boss fight against her will begin in Alan Wake 2.


Alan Wake 2 Cynthia Walkthrough 

Saga crosses paths twice with Cynthia. Each time, she will be more challenging than before. But remember the primary key point: keep the lights turned on! Find your way towards the generator and turn it on. Secondly, keep your weapons and health kits in check; you will need them during the encounter.  

Phase One: Beneath the Overlap 

With Saga following Tor to the overlap, she stands in a large circular room. The longer lights stay out, the more dangerous it gets, so find your way to the power source. The first thing you will see in the center of the room is a terminal, which needs to be powered up by the generator.

This is where you first interact with the drowned lady. Now, at this point, Cynthia is powerful AND cannot be harmed. So you must remember one thing: every time Saga enters shallow water, Cynthia will chase her. So, you must direct your focus towards finding the generator. Save your bullets

Keep an eye open for hiding spots or ledges to climb on. Keep your health at the max to survive encounters while going to the generator. Get on the outer ring of the room to find a way towards the generator. Once outside, continue climbing on ledges and broken balconies while avoiding Cynthia. Eventually, you will find a room with a broken fence. This is where you’ll find the generator. 

Climb inside, approach the generator turn on the generator. Now, make your way back towards the central room. Once back, turn on the power source. The lights will give you an edge during the fight with Cynthia in Alan Wake 2.

Phase Two: Final Battle

Once the power is back on, the water level drops and it’s time for Saga to soak her feet in the water. When Cynthia first appears out of the water, use a flare to stun her. Once she comes to, search for a hiding spot and dodge her projectile attacks. Use a hunting crossbow or a rifle to inflict maximum damage. 

Watch for her water attacks, as they can shave much of your health off. Engage at a distance and don’t get close.

Keep her on the ground level, as it makes her vulnerable and gives you a better chance at taking headshots. If she starts floating at any point, use the flashlight to bring her down immediately.

Once you have done enough damage, she will drop on the floor and chase you; This is her weakest time. As she comes close enough, use a flare to stun her, use a sawed-off shotgun, and aim for headshots. Eventually, she’ll go down.

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