How To Rotate Buildings in Age of Empires 4

In this guide, we'll be seeing How To Rotate Buildings in Age of Empires 4 and if the idea offers any strategic disadvantages

Building Rotation was a mechanic added to Age of Empires 3 Remastered and has been in other games in some form or the other as well. For those struggling to figure out how to rotate buildings in Age of Empires 4, we have prepared the following guide to help out.

How To Rotate Buildings in Age of Empires 4

Unfortunately, it turns out that you can’t really rotate the building in Age of Empires 4. The developers apparently didn’t include it even though it was in a previous installment.

The most you can do is change the camera perspective so that you can see the building from all sides. It’s not much, but it’s there.

Seems like a pretty simple feature to add considering it won’t really affect the gameplay that much but gives players just a few extra options to avoid tearing their hair off due to OCD reasons.

The landscape changes to match the building, and the production of troops isn’t really affected even if you block the entrance of buildings.

There seems to be no visible relationship between the rotation of buildings and strategies you can apply in the game. So the feature won’t exactly be missed.

In the end, we have to live with the fact that buildings we have built will stay that way, whether they please the eye or not. It won’t provide you any strategic disadvantages.

So, with that, we just have to live with it for now, unless the developers change their mind and add it in a future update.

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