First Two Adidas Dragonball Shoes Revealed To Be Frieza And Goku Inspired

The first two Adidas Dragonball shoes have been given promotional screenshots, showing off the Goku and Frieza shoes we'll be getting.

A while ago it was announced that we would be getting Adidas Dragonball shoes to celebrate the franchise’s anniversary, and now we’ve seen at least two of the different types of shoes we’ll be seeing in the collection. The two shoes are Frieza and Goku-inspired, so who knows what else we’ll be getting.

The different shoes will likely all be inspired after a specific character, considering that the Frieza shoe in the leak is white, pink, and purple, while the Goku shoe is red, orange, yellow, and blue. We will also be getting six other characters with their own shoes, including Teen Gohan and Cell, Vegeta and Majin Buu, and two different varieties of Shenron.

The first two shoes will be coming out in August, but there’s no true release date for the next six pairs. We might be seeing them sometime this year, though there’s always the risk that they could come out several months apart and the releases could continue into next year. It all depends on the various release dates for each of the different pairs of shoes.

The Adidas Dragonball shoes come at a good time, as despite the end of Dragon Ball Super, a new Dragon Ball animated movie has been announced, showing an actual canon version of the legendary Super Saiyan Broly, a controversial character among the Dragon Ball fandom. Broly has made appearances in Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball FighterZ, but this is the first time Akira Toriyama himself has actually worked on any movie he’s appeared in, essentially making it canon and rendering the previous Broly invalid.

The upcoming Broly movie will also be coming out this year, so if all of the different Adidas Dragonball shoes will also be coming out later this year, you might see some of them coming out around the same time as the movie.

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