Ace Combat 7 Pre-Order Bonuses Include Bonus Plane, Ace Combat 5

There are a number of Ace Combat 7 pre-order bonuses out that make it a tempting proposition, including a copy of Ace Combat 5.

If you’re an Ace Combat fan and are not only excited about the new game but also yearning for some of the older titles, Project Aces has a deal for you in the Ace Combat 7 pre-order bonuses that are available for the game. Players can get a bonus game and Ace Combat 5.

Ace Combat 7 is the most recent of the Ace Combat games, once again taking place in the constructed world of Strangereal. Players take on the role of a disgraced pilot who serves in the penal unit known as Spare Squadron as their homeland, the Osean Federation, goes to war against the Kingdom of Erusea.

Now it’s up to the player to drive Erusea back and preserve their homeland, as new methods of air combat begin to replace living pilots with autonomous drones, including two drone aircraft called the Arsenal Birds, which were stolen by Erusea.

The Ace Combat 7 pre-order bonuses might not seem like much at first, but there’s definitely a bonus to pre-ordering them. First off, players will be getting a new plane to add to their roster, the F-4 Phantom, in our world a United States fighter jet that served in the Vietnam War. However, that’s not even the biggest thing.

If you pre-order Ace Combat 7, you’ll also get a free copy of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. The Unsung War tells the story of another war involving the Osean Federation, this time fighting against an attack by the neighboring superpower of Yuktobania across the ocean. In addition to being a great game in its own right, Ace Combat 5 might lead to a series of remastered Ace Combat games by Project Aces.

Along with Ace Combat 5 and the F-4 Phantom, players who get the Ace Combat 7 pre-order bonuses will also get an instantly delivered Ace Combat 7 dynamic theme. The game will be coming out on January 18 for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, and on February 1 on PC.

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