Ace Combat 7 Money Farming Guide – Easy MRP Farming Tips, How To

Our Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Money Farming Guide will help you learn about different methods that will let you farm MRP to buy aircrafts and upgrades.

In any game, money is an asset and must be used wisely. In Ace Combat’s case, there are MPR credits that let you unlock new aircraft and upgrades for them. There are many goodies available at the store, but even if you finish the whole campaign, you won’t have enough to afford all of them.

Therefore, in order to get your hands on everything, you must grind for money and I have listed down some of the AC7 Money Farming methods I found most effective for that.

Ace Combat 7 Money Farming

The most effective and most fun method is to jump into a multiplayer session, as the multiplayer and singleplayer share the same currency.

AC7 has very good multiplayer, but it is not easy. Escaping from enemy fire won’t be as easy as in the singleplayer, as there may be competent players in the enemy team and losing them from your tail won’t be easy.

You have to rely on complex maneuvers in order to juke them and make an advantage for yourself.

With that said, multiplayer is still a viable option to grind money, since even if you have not managed to hold your own, but still your team triumphs, you will get a share of the loot, that is about 100k MRP.


While, being on the losing team gets you around 75k MRP, which also isn’t very bad. Win or lose, you will earn profit either way.

Free Play

Although the multiplayer of Ace Combat is a treat. Even if you are not good at it, you can eventually progress to make yourself better.

However, if you hate being dominated in the multiplayer and prefer to play alone, then you can earn credit by playing the singleplayer campaign over again. To spice things up you can try different difficulties.

However, you don’t have to play the whole campaign again, you can just play certain missions that have a high reward, over and over again. However, that may get tedious very soon.

I would recommend playing Mission 19; it takes a while to finish but the MRP reward is worth it. Alternately, if you want some quick MRP try Farbanti, and the Fleet Destruction mission, the reward is decent and can be completed in few minutes.

Battle Royale

If the previous options are not working out for you, then you can earn some serious cash with private Battle Royale. Prerequisites for this is that you need to invite some friends to play with you.

You can have a 2 vs. 2, a 3 vs. 3 or a 4 vs. 4, but you need only 3 players to initiate the game. Now you can play with your friends and the best of you will receive the chunkiest reward.

Alternately, you can ask your friends to throw the game or be AFK and let you win the game. This can earn you hundreds of thousands of MRP in a matter of minutes.

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