A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide – The Strangers

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide will help you complete The Stranger to escape the Ruffians and defeating the Conrad boss.

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide below will walk you through the different steps needed to complete the story-related objectives in Chapter 2 titled The Strangers. Do note that our Walkthrough Guide will not outline collectibles locations, lore, and dialogues. You can check out our other guides for more info. on those.

  1. Curiosities
  2. Gifts
  3. Alchemist Cart
  4. Hugo Herbarium

A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 2 Walkthrough

After successfully escaping the Inquisitors in Chapter 1, take Hugo and look for help in a nearby village.

Apparently, the whole town seems deserted and desolate but continue forward to see people having barricaded their doors indicated by the big white crosses.

Listen to Hugo’s request about him being hungry and feed him the apple from one of the trees next to the barricaded door.

Not long after, you’ll come across the leader of Ruffians, Conrad and his pals burning women they believe to have been infected with the plague.

Escape the Ruffians

Head as away from the persecutors as you can until you reach a building patrolled by guards. Inside, you’ll need to redirect their attention by striking some pots with your equipped stones.


Being as sneaky as possible, let him descend the stairs and take the exit route out of the house. Continue forward as you reach a barn with a crate inside it.

Move this so you and Hugo can climb up on it. Then take aim with the hanging chain on the crate, using your slingshot to have it dropped down. Hop over it and out of the window to exit the bar and continue your escape from the Ruffians.

Continue along the streets until you come across a ladder in the marketplace that will collapse as soon as you help Hugo ascend it. To reunite with him, use your slingshot to bring down a crate and enable Hugo to push it over for you to climb up.

Now sneak past the two Ruffians by either smashing the nearby pots with your slingshot or throwing the pot itself to distract the guards. You’ll also be required to hide in the flowers as you distract the other guard.

Continue forward to head inside a house and then quickly out the window in an intense sequence. After you’ve paced forward, you’ll be greeted by an old woman who demonstrates the art of crafting items.

Crafting Workbench

Take refuge in an old lady’s house as you and Hugo change into dry clothes from the chest upstairs.

Speak with the lady named Clervie to trigger a cut-scene that sheds more light on the recent events as well as the mystery revolving around a nearby church.

Now you’ll be instructed to upgrade your slingshot. To do so, first, collect a rag of leather from the backyard, return to the workbench, and collect the tools from the barrel. Craft your upgrade for the slingshot and then head back to speak with Clervie.

A cutscene is triggered where Amicia reveals the harsh truth of their mother’s passing to Hugo and his response is to run away, so begin to chase after him immediately.

Exit via the backyard and continue along the streets, climbing up when necessary to come across Hugo as he’s being teased by a guard. Use your slingshot to eliminate the enemy and move through the broken gate and down to reach Hugo.

Now you’ll need to fight off an armored enemy, the Conrad boss. Here’s how you deal with him.

Conrad Boss Fight

The approach to this fight is quite simple as you’ll just need to dodge at the correct time and respond with your slingshot to get the armor pieces off the enemy, one by one.

The only opportunity you get to attack is when Conrad’s huge axe gets stuck in the ground after he misses a hit. Whenever you see him swing, quickly dodge with Circle/B button since this attack will insta-kill you.

Once you’ve successfully evaded the strike, retaliate by aiming and releasing the sling when the reticle turns yellow. After you’ve managed to remove the armor plates around his torso and arms, you’ll need one more shot to get rid of the helmet.

At this point, his head will be exposed and you can execute a headshot to eliminate the enemy for good.

A cutscene follows and Amicia and Hugo make their way to the church as we delve deeper into the story surrounding our goal i.e. to meet Laurentius. This marks the end of Chapter 2 for A Plague Tale: Innocence.

This is all we’ve in our A Plague Tale: Innocence Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide. If there’s anything else that you’d like to add, be sure to let us know!

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