A New Pokemon Will Apparently Be Revealed On Sunday

A new Pokemon will be revealed on Sunday alongside a trailer for the next Pokemon movie, according to a tweet by Pokeshopper.com

A new Pokemon is apparently getting revealed on Sunday, according to the Pokeshopper.com official Twitter page. It will likely be one of the many new Pokemon that we can expect to see and capture in the upcoming Pokemon Nintendo Switch game that Nintendo has been teasing for several years.

Ever since Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon came out, people have of course been clamoring for any information on the Pokemon game that’s coming to the Switch, but Nintendo has kept it tightly under wraps. While Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were also released, many players are still eagerly awaiting news of the Nintendo Switch Pokemon game.

While the new Pokemon that we’re going to be seeing isn’t quite as interesting as a whole new game to play, that doesn’t mean that the reveal will be for nothing. Pokemon from upcoming generations often make their appearances in Pokemon animated movies before the new generation actually comes out, such as Lucario appearing in the eighth movie (which took place in the Battle Frontier arc of the anime in Kanto) before appearing in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

This new Pokemon will likely follow the same pattern, as its reveal will be alongside the upcoming Pokemon movie, which will be the 21st made. Going by other Pokemon movies, the plot of the upcoming movie will likely focus around this mysterious Pokemon, and it might be a legendary or pseudo-legendary in the Nintendo Switch Pokemon game.

The Pokemon will be revealed on Sunday along with a trailer for the new movie, so all you have to do is wait a few more days for The Pokemon Company to post the trailer before you can see one of the new Pokemon that we’ll be seeing in the next generation, whenever that actually comes out.

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