Survey : 77% Of Gamers Prefer Physical Discs Over Digital Download

It is an undeniable fact that digital versions of the games are taking over the traditional physical versions of the game. Digital download have been dominant on PC for years and it is also becoming increasingly true for the consoles.

However, the trend of digital download does not sit well with the wishes of of most gamers, at least in UK. According to a recent survey from ERA (Entertainment Retailers Association), 77 percent of gamers in UK prefer the old fashioned way of purchasing games.

The Survey was conducted among 1216 British citizens, which were classified as C2, meaning these people represent the most passionate video game buyers in the UK. Almost 74.3 of the group’s male participants said they prefer physical media for their games, and 80.9 percent of group’s female participants said that they pfrefer the physical disc over digital downloads.

The survey further divides the different reasons for which the gamers prefer the physical disc over digital download. According to the survey, 23 percent gamers who prefer physical disc do it because of tangibility, 16.5 percent for permanence and security, 12.9 percent for convenience, 11.6 percent of gamers do it out of habit and 7.7% percent of gamers do it for the ability to trade in pre-owned games.

While most gamers do prefer physical disc over digital downloads, but one can not deny the convenience of the digital downloads. However, there are also cons that make digital downloads a pain in the ass, like the humongous download sizes for the games as developers don’t even try to compress their games and more.

So what do you think of this Physical vs digital downloads? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Mcvuk

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