35 Years Old Japanese Gamer Has Reached Level 1000 on Steam

Reaching a higher level on Steam is no small feat and if you are talking about level 1000, no one was able to reach this infamous milestone. However, that changed today as a 35-year-old Japanese gamer reached level 1000 on Steam.

He became the very first player to do this, so many congratulations to the man. The journey wasn’t easy though and not many of us will be able to achieve this. He spend thousands of dollars on Steam which is a clear indication of how privileged he is.

He spent somewhere between $20,000 to $50,000 on Steam. Moreover, he has over 5000 games in his Steam library..well, does anyone know how to hack Steam accounts?

He has 3,300 pieces of DLC for various games and 58,000 collectable cards, badges and articles. On Steam, he uses Palm Desert as his ID.

Level 1000 on Steam

He spent around $5000 on Steam Summer Sale. So as you can see you need lots of cash to reach that level. The current Steam Summer sale is on and plethora of games are on sale. Head over to Steam to pick up your favorite games and do let us know what’s the maximum you have ever spent on a Steam Summer Sale?

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