2K’s 31st Union Working On An Overwatch-Like “Multiplayer Character-Action Game”

31st Union, a new California-based studio founded by 2K Games, appears to be working on the next Overwatch game.

31st Union, a new California-based studio founded by 2K Games two years back, appears to be working on the next Overwatch (or Valorant for that matter) game.

According to clues gathered from recent job listings earlier today, the unannounced project will be a “multiplayer character-action game” with “shooter” elements and visual storytelling. 31st Union is sending out a call to build “the future of multiplayer action games” which will be supported for years to come.

Further digging into the job listings brings up “diverse and innovative” characters with “emotionally compelling” storytelling in “a rich and stunning world” featuring large-scale environments. Gameplay apparently involves weapons, vehicles, “and mechanical objects of all kinds” with plenty of cutscenes and cinematics.

The nod to Overwatch should not come as a surprise. 31st Union was joined by narrative director Michael Chu last year who was previously handling narrative on the Overwatch franchise. While the project remains to be announced, 2K Games has teased the studio to be working on an “ambitious and inspired new IP.”

31st Union is being led by Sledgehammer Games’ co-founder Michael Condrey with the involvement of several more Sledgehammer Games staffers who have previously worked on the Call of Duty franchise. Dead Space developers from the now dissolved Visceral Games are also part of the new studio.

Considering that the studio was founded just two years ago, 31st Union might need another year at least to finish up its debut game before making reveals.

Elsewhere, Blizzard Entertainment will be sharing an update for Overwatch 2 at BlizzConline 2021 next week on February 19. According to game director Jeff Kaplan however, fans need to “manage their expectations” which may as well be a reminder that the sequel will not be releasing anytime soon.

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