What’s Going on with Deep Down’s Development?

Development of Capcom's PS4 exclusive Deep Down is not looking as great as it should,developers have been quiet since a year now.

The first time we talked about Deep Down we were only gearing up to welcome the game releases for 2013; ever since then, the game has been in development and has arguably been suffering from a number of hurdles.

Although most of the PlayStation 4 users have been pretty siked about the idea of Capcom’s RPG, we are still wondering why the developers haven’t been able to hit the mark even once.

After delays and disappointments in the lack of beta for a long time, finally Capcom had come back with renewed spirits in February last year saying that the game’s framework had been grown by a great margin, promising newfound attention for the game.

However, it has almost been a year since that and the developers have gone literally mum about the game. The last time they really shared something worth it on the game’s official website was probably a year ago when new screenshots had come out.

What worries me so much is that only a couple of days ago a number of developers were talking about their plans for 2016 with 4Gamer, including Yoshinori Ono, Kazunori Sugiura, Miyashita-san and others, and although they talked about a number of other titles, Deep Down was not even mentioned once.

Since they were commenting on how they are looking at this year in terms of game development and they didn’t even say the words Deep and Down, I fear that they might actually have yet another delay waiting to be announced.

Deep Down is supposed to be released exclusively on PS4.

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