Medieval Dynasty Beginner Tips

Our Medieval Dynasty Beginner guide lists all the tips and tricks that the newcomers should know before they jump in to try out this unique medieval survival game now out in Early Access.

Medieval Dynasty Beginner Tips and Tricks

First things first, you should be aware of what each icon in your Compass represents; exclamation points represent a quest, bags represent a merchant, and document represents Unigost (that offers Main Storyline Quests).

Speaking of Storyline Quests, near your spawning area, Unigost and Castellan will offer you these.

As soon as you begin, the first thing that you should do is to follow up the first main quest. This will allow you to pick a place and start building your village.

Once you’ve done that, you will be able to build storage where you can keep things that you pick up or buy.

Early cash

In the beginning, you’ll have to really sweat your way to some cash and fulfill your needs.

The easiest way you can do this is by collecting sticks and stones and using them to make axes and knives for sale.

Other than that, in the Summer and in Spring, you can sell the unripe berries in case you don’t need them.

Likewise, in Fall, there are a lot of mushrooms for you to gather and sell.

There’s also great potential for early cash-flow by selling morels in Spring.

Foraging for Food

Once you’ve acquired the Survival Sense skill in the Survival Tree, you can get to know which food items are available to you in different seasons holding the Alt key (which diminishes a bit of your stamina).

Unless you’re awfully rich at the start of the game (which you’re not!), you’ll have to make do with morels in Spring, berries in Summer, and non-poisonous mushrooms in Fall.

In Winter, the only way you’re going to yourself free food is through hunting.

On the Hunt

For hunting, having the Tracker Skill will help you a great deal as it points out the animals in Green (passive) or Red (aggressive) when you press Alt.

This will allow you to adjust your approach towards the animal that you’re about to hunt.

Some animals like rabbits can be taken down with one arrow shot on point while others usually make you work harder for their meat.

Apart from arrows, you can also use spears to hunt down animals.

The plus point that a spear has over an arrow is that if an animal flees on taking a hit, the spear will be much easier to track due to it being larger than an arrow.

However, you need to make sure that the spear that you use has at least 66% durability or else, it would break on contact with the animal.

You need to have a knife in your inventory to be able to skin an animal and acquire its meat once you’ve put it down.

Rabbits, Fox, Deer, Boar, Wisent, and Bear are the most common animals that you’ll cross in your hunting trip.


Once you’ve hunted an animal and have gotten some raw meat, you can cook at a campfire or any cooking fire inside your home.

For lighting a fire, you’ll have to craft a torch.

After you’ve progressed in the game, you’ll also have the option to cook on an always-on fire in a Tavern.


For quenching your thirst, always try to look for a natural source of drinkable water near you.

Just in case that it’s not available, don’t forget to carry Waterskin along with you which partially fills your thirst bar.

If you can’t afford to buy Waterskin or craft it, Berries can be a good alternative as each berry add a point to your bar.

Craft some Medieval Tools

From tools to buildings, you can craft a whole lot of things in Medieval Dynasty. Press Q to view your crafting radial menu.

Take the cursor over any of the items that show up, and you’ll be informed of all the materials that you need to craft that particular item.

In order to craft advanced tools like pickaxe and waterskins, you need to construct the specific buildings in which they’re made.

For instance, waterskins are made in a sewer while an arrow can be made in a hut.

For buildings, you need to first craft a Hammer to be able to get the knowledge of the structure of the building that you’re going to build and the requirements for it.

Once you have all the materials required to craft a specific building, you’ll need to right-click with your Hammer.

Four modes will appear before you: Build, Repair, Upgrade, and Destroy – select Build.

Upgrade and Destroy modes will be used in the latter part of the game when you want to upgrade a worn-out building or destroy it.

As far as the Repair mode of the Hammer is concerned, it is advisable to take a walk in your village from time to time with this mode on your Hammer.

The buildings or parts of the buildings that need repairing show up in red while others show up as green.

Then, all you have to do is to use the repairing function of your Hammer to make a fix.

Aside from advanced tools and buildings, you can also craft some animal traps that will guarantee you their meat without much effort.

Once your traps are no longer usable, you’ll have to craft new ones.

How to Heal Wounds

Broadleaf Plantains can be used for healing purposes.

You can get these by getting close to the ground. The name of Broadleaf Plantains will pop up, and you can then pick them up.

You also get healed when you sleep at night. In addition to this, if you’ve mistakenly eaten poisoned food, you can keep it from affecting you by eating St. John’s Wart flowers.

Skills and Tech Progression

As you saw above in the cases of Survival Sense Skill and Tracker Skill, skills can be extremely important for you to carry out everyday tasks in your village.

To be able to make full use of them, you need to keep upgrading them.

For that, all you have to do is complete tasks associated with them.

For example, to boost your crafting skill, you need to craft more.

Getting Married

In order to produce an heir who will rule your village one day, you’ll need to marry.

Since the main character is male, you’re looking for a suitable woman who shares your affection for her.

An affection level of close to 100 between you and a woman is enough for you to ask her hand in marriage.

However, you’ll have to put up a great deal of work, day by day, to achieve that level.

You need to have a cordial relation with the woman you want to marry, and your dialogue choices with her should be such that they lead to more affection between you and her.

Once you’re married, your wife doesn’t only have the ability to heal you but also to help you reset your skill points.

Inviting Villagers

Before you can invite villagers to your village, you need to have all the basic commodities for them to survive.

In addition, you must have Resource Storage, Food Storage, and 2 or 3 extra houses part from your house to accommodate the incoming villagers.

Before the villagers looking for a new home can become part of your village, you need to keep interacting with them and maintain a friendly relation with them.

If their opinion of you has at least a 70% approval aspect, you can invite them over. They won’t reject your offer unless you don’t have the required amount of Dynasty Points.

Once you have these villagers as your neighbor, you can start assigning them a different task, thereby sharing your workload with them.

Paying Taxes

In each Spring, you need to pay taxes on the land you own. If you fail to pay them, they will take the form of debt, and you’ll have to pay them along with the normal taxes in the upcoming spring.

If you still don’t pay the taxes, you’ll face a Dynasty Point Penalty. An amount of negative 10,000 Dynasty Points will result in your expulsion from the village.

How to use Dynasty Points

Dynasty Points determine the number of buildings that you can construct and how easily you can invite new villagers to your village.

Your Dynasty Points increase as you progress through the game, and so does the number of buildings that you can build.

At the start, you can only build up to 8 buildings, with 500 dynasty points, up to 16, and with 1000 dynasty points up to 20.

Apart from just advancing in the game, completing some Main Quests as well as quests that are marked on your compass as ‘exclamation marks’ also earn you some dynasty points.

Steal your way to the Top

Early on in the game, stealing items that you would rather not put an effort into is fine as long as you don’t get caught.

If you do get caught, you’ll receive a penalty in the form of negative Dynasty Points.

As mentioned above, if the amount of your negative Dynasty Points reaches 10,000, you will be exiled from the village, and the game ends.

So, it’s better if you stay away from this disliked norm!

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