WWE 2K Battlegrounds Tips and Tricks

In this guide we have given the best WWE 2K Battlegrounds Tips and Tricks to Brawl, win a match and take a good amount of Gold home.

WWE 2K Battleground is what the fans wanted since WWE All Stars! An Arcade type fun game with no reality and no limits.

Players can be tossed into a Crocodiles mouth, Get hit by a Ram, throw each other out of the ring, beat each other with weapons and other items to win the match.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Tips and Tricks

Even though WWE 2K Battleground is a simple Arcade type game with no complex controls or move types, it’s important to know the following tips and tricks for the best possible arcade superstar rumble experience.

Use the Environment to Your Advantage
During the match in The Everglades, a hungry Crocodile can be seen outside the ring.

Since WWE 2K Battleground allows you to interact with the environment, you can use the Crocodile against your opponent by dragging or taking your opponent to the side of the ring which triggers a prompt which allows you to throw your opponent outside into the Jaws of the starving Beast.

The best example is The Rock vs John Cena match in the trailer. That Croc is massive!

Apart from the massive man-eating Croc, there’s a Ram found in the Mexico Arena. It’s a remote-controlled Ram which you can find in the crowd.

Simply press L1 and gain access to the Ram and take out your opponents without even competing with them. Just sit back, relax and let the Ram do the dirty work for you.

Use Power Ups
The best part about WWE 2K Battleground is that it allows your character to have power ups during any match inside any arena.

Keep an eye on your Meter, as soon as it fills up, press left, right or up on the d-pad. Keep in mind that different directions mean a different power up. Also, the more you fill your Power bar, the more impact your power ups will get along with additional abilities.

These Power Ups are Unlockable which you can choose from the character selection screen.

Weapons Are Your Partner
As you know by now that this game has NO DQ matches therefore anything goes. And by anything, we mean ANYTHING!

You can grab any weapon from under the ring as well as from the crowd area, use them to cause more damage to your opponent’s health.

Remember the Rock vs Mick Foley match? Yes! You can recreate that match by hitting your opponent with multiple chair shots without the referee telling you to stop.

But keep in mind that due to it being an Arcade type game, the weapons will break after few hits just like in few other WWE games.

You can Press X to grab the item from under the ring while the WWE Universe gives you plenty of items to grab from. Hold L1 and head inside the ring to use these items and damage your opponent’s health.

Give the Fans What they Want
Just like Triple H once said on RAW; We’re going to give what you want.

Well, that’s the case with WWE 2K Battleground as listening to the crowd gives you extra points which increases your Crowd Meter.

In short, you do what they say, they’ll cheer you and you’ll get more over as a WWE Superstar.

Also, in order to keep the momentum going, taunt to get more Crowd reaction and get ready to finish your Opponent.

End the Match with a Finisher
Speaking of finishing your opponent, a usual episode of a WWE match ends with a finishing move.

Therefore, to make it look realistic, you’re supposed to end your opponent after hitting him/her with a finishing move.

Simply press the left and right trigger buttons at the same time when your Heat Meter is full and perform a Wrestling Finisher.

Complete Daily Challenges
WWE 2K Battleground brings to you Daily Challenges that you can complete and take Gold as your reward.

This Gold is a type of currency that allows you to unlock more characters with in the game. So, refresh on a daily basis and complete challenges for Daily rewards.

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