Bungie Releases Destiny 2 Update 2.9.2 For Variety Of Investment, Weapon Fixes

Now that Solstice of Heroes is over for another year, Bungie has kicked off the post-Solstice time by releasing Destiny 2 update 2.9.2. The update includes a wide variety of fixes, but most of them are for investment-related issues, though others are for activities and others are for fixing weapons and armor.

In the Activities category, the update will fix an issue that causes players to freeze when they spawn in Gambit. A Prophecy Dungeon fix makes it so enemies now spawn in the Hexahedron area, where them not spawning would previously block players from progressing. In Nightfall, an issue where enemies wouldn’t respond to a player carrying motes from a Contact event into Savathun’s Song or Festering Core has also been fixed.

When it comes to investments, there’s a lot more. Players should no longer be re-awarded the Tommy’s Matchbook catalyst. The Trials vendor engram should no longer advertise rewards at being 0 Power (a display error, not a real one). The Become Legend step of the New Light quest should also now correctly ask players to get to 1000 Power, not 950.

In the Weapons and Armor categories, Destiny 2 update 2.9.2 has made a few adjustments to various Exotics. For example, Transmutation Spheres from Ruinous Effigy can no longer be picked up by players using their Supers. Perks that will provide ability energy (such as Apotheosis Veil or Radiant Largesse) will now only activate after your Super Energy is all gone. AN issue keeping perks on Jade Rabbit and Merciless from activating has also been fixed.

In the Armor category, Destiny 2 update 2.9.2 has fixed how Solstice of Heroes armor gauntlets are invisible except for the gold trim and hands. A misaligned solstice glow on the Hunter leg arrangement has also been fixed, and the armor will now glow brighter.

There’s much more in the update that we couldn’t fit in here, but you’re free to read the patch notes by following this link.