Suicide Squad Game Will Be “Funny,” Teases Writer

The new and upcoming Suicide Squad game from Rocksteady Studios will come with a fair share of humor and perhaps more.

Taking to LinkedIn just now, principal narrative designer Kim MacAskill revealed that she served as a senior writer on the project for years. She also added that fans should “get ready” for how “funny” the Suicide Squad game will be.

Those who have read either the recent or original comic books will know that humor has always been a big part of the franchise. The original comic runs were in particular known for the characters using a heavy dose of slapstick as well as “gallows humor” for dealing with their depressing reality as captives. The felons would often crack jokes at each other and play pranks on even their targets. Hence, it reasons that a Suicide Squad game would naturally delve into silliness. The only question is just how much and what kind?

Rocksteady Studios announced itself to be developing a new Suicide Squad a few hours ago and confirmed a reveal for the upcoming DC FanDome event at the end of the month. The game had been rumored to be in the pipelines for years and was even said to have been cancelled at one point. There was also a bit of confusion if Warner Bros. Games Montréal was the original developer as there was a Superman game rumored to be in development as well.

No details have been shared at the time of writing. Based on the teased image though, it appears that the Suicide Squad game will involve Superman in a major capacity. Perhaps players will be trying to escape the caped crusader or going after him.

With next-generation consoles launching this holiday season, fans can only wish that the Suicide Squad game not only releases soon but also for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Following the famed Batman: Arkham trilogy, it leaves to be imagined what Rocksteady Studios can achieved with next-generation hardware.

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