Minecraft Dungeons Fiery Forge Secrets and Chests Locations

In this Minecraft Dungeons Fiery Forge Secrets and Chests guide, we will tell you about the location of each and every secret and chest in this area that we know of; so that you don’t have to find them by yourself.

Minecraft Dungeons Fiery Forge Secrets and Chests

You have to find these hidden chests to get your hands on the most desirable loot in the game. Your ultimate goal is to save the villagers and defeat the evil Arch-Illager; but you will find various shiny chests on your way as well.

Note: Secrets locations do not change but chests always have a random element to them so the best way to find them all is to search every corner of the map.

The number of chests per map can also differ for you. It is possible that the game might spawn fewer chests than this guide or even more.

The loot you get from these chests is also random, however, you can get some idea of the loot based on the mission you are doing.

The mission select menu shows all the possible loot, including unique items, you might find from a certain area.

Chest #1
Before going into the forge, you will stumble upon a chest on your right.

Chest #2
You enter the forge and, on the bottom, left corner, you will find yourself with a chest.

Secret #1
After you have found Secret #2, Just look in the corner above you and you will find the secret.

Chest #3
Get to the “Overload the cores” section and you will find your chest lying on the path on your right hand.

Chest #4
Get to the middle of the “Overload the cores” section to find another secret chest.

Chest #5
Go to the marked room in the same section to find your golden chest

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