How to Unlock Reactions in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In this guide we are going to discuss How to Unlock Reactions in Animal Crossing New Horizons and then we are going to discuss how you can use them.

Starting out we know that there is a full range of reactions for the residents in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can express how you currently feel using these emoji-like reactions that are like small emotional snapshots of expressions.

How to Unlock Reactions in Animal Crossing New Horizons

We have more than 40 reactions in New Horizons. These reactions can include day to day reactions such as; ‘greet’ and ‘laughter’ and can move to emotions that are a bit more complex such as ‘aggravation’ and ‘distress’. If you use these reactions close to another person, you would be able to interact with them.

You can use these reactions according to what’s happening in your environment. Use the fearful reaction if you see a tarantula or the glee reaction for a butterfly etc.

It is very easy to make a collection of these reactions as it can be done by simply talking to the villagers close to you.

Your first reaction will unlock on day 4 approximately and if you talk to any villager that calls you by name, you can score a reaction from them. You would be able to bag a lot of reactions in one week enabling you to express yourself very easily.

How to Use Reactions
In case you want to learn how to express yourself more efficiently in Animal Crossing, you have come to the right place. You can see the list of all your reactions by pressing XR which will open a quick access wheel that will have eight reactions that you can use asap.

Just select the reaction you wish to express, use your left joystick and then press A to express it.

If the number of reactions you own has increased the octet then press Y and all of them will be visible to you.

You can customize your reaction wheel from there and keep the ones on quick access that you are going to be using most. You can also try a reaction by pressing Y in the library.