Darksiders Genesis Stormcaller Boss Guide

In this guide, we have explained in detail on how to defeat Darksiders Genesis Stormcaller Boss which players will encounter near the end of the game. As the name suggests, Stormcaller has the ability to call down a storm of lightning on you so be careful of that during the Stormcaller boss fight.

Darksiders Genesis Stormcaller Boss

Stormcaller is encountered in Chapter 12 of Darksiders Genesis. As you complete the objectives to progress the chapter, you will reach the end where you will face off Stormcaller.

At the start of the fight, you will face off Stormcaller and his minions. If possible, use Chaos/Anarchy attack which will kill all the minions and also weaken the boss.

Stormcaller has the ability to strike lightning around you. Move around to avoid it. If you get hit by it, it will stun you for a moment and you will be prone to other attacks.

Look for circles on the ground to indicate where the next lightning strike will be and stay out of them to avoid taking major damage and stun.

If you did not use the Chaos/Anarchy at the start, then finish off the minions first. The minions will bother you very much as they attack more often than the boss.

War’s devastating AoE attacks can be quite useful here to deal with Stormcaller’s minions while Strife will let you stay at range should things get hairy and you want to keep your distance from the boss.

The Stormcaller shoots beams of electricity. If you stand too close to him, you will be easy to target. That’s why as suggested above, keep War for minions and Strife for Stormcaller.

With this switching strategy, you should be able to survive easily in this battle.

Use your heavy attacks to stun the boss and then melee to keep hitting him until he eventually dies. This will be the end of Chapter 12 of Darksiders Genesis.

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