Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt Locations and Loot

To celebrate Borderland’s 10 year anniversary, Gearbox has launched a 5-week celebration in which each week will feature a unique event. The previous week was all about Bonus Boss Loot, but this week in Borderlands 3, week 2 of the celebration, is the Rare Spawn Hunt week.

This week is about perusing through the bounty boards and looking for the highest payouts! And would you look at the date? The event begins today. Grab your weapons, select your builds and get ready to go on the hunt with the help of our location guide for all the Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt targets.

Borderlands 3 Rare Spawn Hunt Locations

For those of you who are unaware, Rare Spawns are difficult-to-locate enemies that drop rare and legendary loot when beaten. They’re a part of the main game but, for this week only, they’ll be in greater numbers and far easier to locate. In other words, this is absolutely the best opportunity for players to get their hands on legendary loot!

This guide is here to list all the locations that Rare Spawns WILL appear, the likelihood of them dropping legendary loot doesn’t change but with the number of Rare Spawns you are likely to hunt down with the aid of this guide, the chances of you getting such loot is going to skyrocket.


  • Location: Carnivora; inside a cave in the main diving area.
  • Loot: Night Flyer and a Legendary Pistol.

El Dragon Jr.

  • Location: Jakob’s Estate – By the Eridian writing near the beginning.
  • Loot: Unleash the Dragon, and a Legendary Artifact.

Road Dog

  • Location: Splinterlands – between the two main areas, in the bandit’s camp.
  • Loot: Redline, and a Legendary Shotgun.


  • Location: Floodmoor Basin – near where you can find the Crimson Radio.
  • Loot: Random Customization.

Force Troopers

  • Location: Atlas HQ – On the top floor, by the Typhon Log.
  • Loot: Random Legendary Class Mods.


  • Location: Droughts – head northwest from the fast travel point.
  • Loot: Random Legendary Shield.

The Unstoppable

  • Location: Ambermire – In the bandit camp; head east from where you found the Typhon and Eridian Script.
  • Loot: Band of Sytorak, and a Legendary Shield.

Thunk and Sloth

  • Location: Konrad’s Hold – In the southern area, between the Typhon Log and the vending machines.
  • Loot: It’s Piss, and a Legendary Grenade Mod.


  • Location: Voracious Canopy – towards the end of the ship, just before the boss.
  • Loot: The Horizon, and a Legendary Shotgun.

Borman Nates

  • Location: Meridian Outskirts – take an elevator to reach the bandit camp on the west side.
  • Loot: Psycho Stabber, and a Legendary Pistol.

Princess Tarantella II

  • Location: Splinterlands – In the Western Bug desert area.
  • Loot: Hive, and a Legendary Rocket Launcher.

Mother of Dragons

  • Location: The Anvil – an area in the sewers called ‘West of Gross’.
  • Loot: Random Legendary Artifacts.

Red Jabber

  • Location: Ambermire – go through the Jabber area. You’re looking for a Tink, not a Jabber.
  • Loot: Random, Legendary Grenade Mod.

Urnest McEnforcer

  • Location: Lectra City – in the subway.
  • Loot: Masterwork Crossbow, and a Legendary Sniper Rifle.

And that’s it! A total of 14 Rare Spawns for you to hunt down all across the map, and hopefully get your hands on all those goodies mentioned above!

For those of you who are wondering, the following weeks will be:

  • Week 3: Show Me the Eridium
  • Week 4: Mayhem on Twitch
  • Week 5: Spooky Surprise

So there’s still a lot left to do to celebrate the release of the original Borderlands, so await our articles on guides about the upcoming events!