Ghost Recon Breakpoint Rations and Cooking Tips

The wait is over, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint has blessed our gaming setups which means that it’s time for you to learn how to cook in the game. Cooking in Ghost Recon Breakpoint takes the form of creating rations for various purposes, all of which we will explain in this guide.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Rations

You can’t carry around a portable stove and fire with you when navigating the jungles of Auroa which is why in Breakpoint, in order to make rations you first have to find and activate a Bivouac and then proceed to the preparation menu.

Crafting Recipes
Cooking is a crucial part of this game because you need food to survive and a lot of preparation is required in order to do it and to do so you can roam the wild and find all the ingredients.

In case you want to go for something particular, you will have to work a bit harder to find these specific ingredients separately, some might be harder to find than others. Below we have some of the recipes you need to know in order to craft rations:

  • Fitness Ration Basic: -20% Stamina Costs. Nutritive combat ration to gain a temporary buff.
    Recipe: 1x Proteins – Basic
  • Dexterity Ration Basic: +5% Reload Speed. Nutritive combat ration to gain a temporary buff.
    Recipe: 1x Sugars – Rich
  • Recovery Ration Basic: +10% Health Regen Speed. Nutritive combat ration to gain a temporary buff.
    Recipe: 1x Fiber – Rich
  • Resilience Ration Basic: +10% Injury Resistance. Nutritive combat ration to gain a temporary buff.
    Recipe: 1x Fiber – Rich
  • Endurance Ration Basic: +10 Handling. Nutritive combat ration to gain a temporary buff.
    Recipe: 1x Proteins – Rich
  • Protective Ration Basic: +5% Damage Resistance. Nutritive combat ration to gain a temporary buff.
    Recipe: 1x Fiber – Basic

Skill Tree
When we look at the skill tree, we see three different tiers of cooking so you’re gonna start off with tier one which you have automatically then go up in the survival tree a little bit and you’ll find tier 2 and you have tier 3 a little bit further up the survival tree.

Once you have all of these learned you’ll be able to craft from basic to extreme and it will be really useful. We’re gonna start it off by going to crafting and find a campfire that you can find everywhere, and you can also go to the hangout if you want.

We’re going to start with basic, the ingredients that it costs are very cheap and all you need is a basic sugar. Basic sugars are pineapple, bananas, etc. which you can find. There are also the basic fibers, proteins and a bunch of different stuff.

You can start with some pineapple or breadfruit etc. and you’d be able to craft it. It is said in the comparison of tier 1 and 3 that, tier 3 has a better effect. It does not though, the effect is not better, it’s just longer lasting.

Advanced Rations
For advanced rations, you’re gonna need both basic and advanced of what you’re gonna need for instance sugar, protein and fiber. Honey would be in rich sugar and then you have pineapple which would be a basic sugar.

You can craft those up and like I said the agility is not changing really between the two that you craft. The only difference is the time in between some rations.

Now we’re gonna get into some of the complete sugars which you’re gonna need. These consist of  Pomegranate fruit which you can find all over the place and you are going to need a rich version as well and also a basic.

Putting these three together and we would be able to craft up the extreme ratio, which consists of the same elements for every ration such as proteins, fibers and obviously sugar.

There are also rations that have a mix of sugar and protein together but overall it is not that hard to find this stuff except the complete sugars or the complete fibers because those are gonna be a bit difficult.

When you scroll through these rations you can see the different effects so you have e.g. 5% increased reload speed, injury resistance which actually goes up from the basic to the extreme, then we have stamina reduction, throwing speed, fatigue resistance which is all very useful but we need more effects for extreme. A bit addition to the extreme effects would be appreciated but the basics are still good.

Fitness Rations
The most useful and my personal favorite are Rations for fitness, with a 20% reduction and they work with all basic, advanced and extreme, the extreme has 30 minutes,  the basic has 10 and the advanced has 20 minutes.

They’re also easy to craft. The basic version only uses a protein that you can get from killing animals or you can use any protein in general.

The stamina reduction ration really comes in handy here. Because waiting to get to run around again is a pain. But with the 20% reduction, you’ll notice quite a difference and you can run much further and do a lot of other stuff which is really useful.

Dexterity Ration
The Dexterity ration is one of the most useless rations in the game. It has a 5% reload speed and for a basic that’s fair but even when you go into an extreme which requires really rare ingredients. But you get the same 5% of reload speed. So, I think they should change that up.

You have stuff like this which is actually useful as well as health regens, fatigue, resistances. These types of things are pretty cool, such as health recovery and some of them only have one ration. There is only one version that costs a bit extra but is worth it and it is the reason why I think that’s pretty cool.

Agility Ration
The agility ration is pretty decent compared to the reload speed of the dexterity.

Equipping Rations
You can only equip it for your medical or your bottom left or bottom right of your items. You can’t switch it out for grenades or rocket launchers or any of that. You can switch it out for your health kits or your health syringes. When you click the items, you can see all the rations come up that you can equip one at a time.

So, we can look through and see the agility or whichever one you want to use. Equip that and then you can just hold alt if you’re on PC. I don’t know what it is on console, but you can equip it you eat it and you have it for however long the ration is 30 minutes for extreme and for basic 10.

This is all there is to know about rations in Ghost Recon. If there is anything we missed let us know. Have fun rationing.

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