NBA 2K20 Best REP Method, REP Up Fast, REP Rewards, Badges and Progression

You might be a veteran NBA 2K games player or you could be one of those who are new to this but rest assured this guide will be equally beneficial for both beginners and advanced level players who want to rep up as fast as possible. Including details about badges and the best ways to progress, so grab your reading glasses and read through our NBA 2K20 Rep Up Guide to get all the information.

NBA 2K20 Best REP Method

The method that we are going to be using is irrespective of position. It’s gonna work for whatever position you choose to play. Also, the overall doesn’t matter in this year’s version of the game.

To get started make sure that you are on Hall of Fame level of difficulty and your quarter length is 12 minutes. This will help you get your overalls as well as your badges higher faster.

The second thing you should make sure is that you are on a good team e.g. Lakers. With that, you should note that assists count for a lot so need to be on a team that needs you for a specific position so you can dish out assists easily.

Make sure that your endorsements are also on the high end. Try to reach November or December in your first season of NBA. Endorsements from Nike, Beats, Gatorade or 2k sports are deemed very good.

Grind out as many games as you can for them, and this method will help you do that quicker.

The Method
Whenever you go up against a team try to do team practice if you can however it’s not mandatory. Your goal is to get up by 25 points more.

Note: This method might not work if you are in the starting lineup.

Make sure that you play for the first two quarters for this to work, play with an already good team and do quick isolation as much as you can.

When in the game you get up by 25 points around the fourth quarter or before. The best-case scenario could be that you get those 25 at the start of the third quarter cause you want to be in the second half.

When you are there choose SIM with End with VC and hit yes. When you do that usually you automatically win and get more than 100 points mostly every time and then your VC earnings which you can use to upgrade your badges.

In this way, you can skip one or at most two quarters which makes this method so fast.

After that, you skip most of the stuff till the press conference answer the questions correctly and get endorsements and fans.

This method is the most efficient in earning VC fast so you rep up as quickly as possible.

Now moving on towards the rep rewards, badge upgrades, and overall progression. All these are related one way or the other as you can unlock the mentioned Perk Badges by repping up.

Iron Wall Badge:
This badge lets you set hard screens in The Neighborhood.

Screen Crusher Badge:
In the Neighborhood, you can blow up hard screens using this badge.

Nothing Easy Badge:
Your team’s takeover is boosted by hard fouls in the neighborhood.

Gym Rat Badge:
Lifting is over for you as you are a gym rat.

Takeover Booster:
In the Neighborhood your takeover meter will fill up more quickly.

This is how you can view your MyREP progression. Just go to:

  • The Neighborhood
  • MyREP
  • MyREP Progression.

Following is the list of all 2K20 rep rewards:

You now get your hair colored if you head over to Doc’s and even get you jersey customized from the NBA store.

You get brand new Stick Tier 1 Emotes.

You will get Jewelry a.k.a. Bling Bling from Swag’s, MyCourt rims and accessories to wear in the Neighborhood.

You get Tier 2 emotes, Neighborhood gameplay animations and a new skateboard that you can get from Wheels.

You get the Iron Wall badge, put your best hat reward (get from swag’s) and ability to customize MyCourt Scoreboard.

You can now get the Legend jerseys from the NBA Store, eyewear from Swag’s and a scooter from Wheels.

You get Tier 3 Emotes, a beach cruiser bike from Wheels and more gameplay animations.

You get the Screen Crusher Badge with which you can blow up hard screens, ability to customize your MyCOURT floor, Tier 2 Player Panels and in Neighborhood games you can even use your own ball.

In the Neighborhood, you can Drop beats and perform. You get Tier 4 Emotes, a BMX bike from Wheels. You can add murals and get the Nothing Easy badge.

Ability to take your shirt off, Park Handles badge, ability to get tattoos on your neck, back, and chest, get the MyCOURT mini-basketball machine, a tandem bike from Wheels.

Get Backpacks from Swag’s, additional Park gameplay animations along with Two spins at the daily spin wheel starting from this rank. SUPERSTAR 3

Reward titled “My own entrance!” as well as “You’re a gym rat. No more lifting for you” and a low rider bike from Wheels.

You get to be the first one to crack on all store sales, also get Tier 5 emotes, get a “MyCOURT Penthouse” and Takeover Booster Badge, and now you get your spins on the daily spin Elite Wheel.

You now have Tier 3 Player Panels and can customize your own T-Shirt, get 2X VC and a hoverboard from Wheels.

With this one, you get “The Ultimate Show-Off”, “Dress like an Elite” and even get a Mascots and a trike from Wheels.

This is a special one because you can have a “Free Copy of NBA 2K21” but its limited so hurry up, “Arrive in style” and “Be featured on an episode of 2KTV”, along with “Got next? Line starts here” reward, the “Legends deserve more badge points” reward and “Legend player panels available” reward.

This is the end of our guide. We hope we were helpful and you got what you came looking for. Let us know if we missed something and as always have fun playing.