SuperGiant’s Big Bad Update To Hades Brings Final Battle

Supergiant Games’ Epic Games Store exclusive Hades is still in Early Access mode. This doesn’t mean they have forgotten about it as they are releasing updates. The “Big Bad Update” is in line with that and it introduces new places, enemies, story events and a couple of other things.

The BIG BAD UPDATE for #HADES is here!! Can you survive the final battle?! ?☠️?

Full patch notes:

Join our Early Access and experience the story as it unfolds:

— Supergiant Games (@SupergiantGames) 6 August 2019

Hades is a roguelike dungeon crawler that has been early access mode since it was released in December. The developer recently dropped Hades’ sixth major update which is called “The Big Bad Update.”

This Big Bad update lives up to its name as there’s what SuperGiant games calls the Final Battle. Maybe Zagreus will finally be able to escape Hades? But the full ending will probably be only shown after Hades is fully released sometime in next year.

There’s a brand new stage: the Temple of Styx at the very edge of the Underworld. Other changes in this update include new music, new Boons, new story events and a change in the number of times you can call on Olympus’ help during the battle.

The exact patch notes from the SuperGiant website read like this:

  • Highlights From Hades’s “The Big Bad Update”
  • Temple of Styx: An all-new, labyrinthine biome awaits at the very edge of the Underworld.
  • Final Battle: There is no escape from the Underworld; at least not without a fight.
  • Sinister New Foes: Beware of Gigantic Vermin, Satyr Cultists, and more; plus deadly new traps!
  • Wrath Rework: Now you can call upon divine aid from Olympus much more often during battle.
  • Pool of Purging: Rid yourself of the occasional unwanted Boon, in exchange for some coin.
  • New Boons & ‘Duo’ Boons: The Olympians have a slew of powerful, new blessings on offer.
  • New Story Events: More of the Underworld Prince’s story unfolds if you can reach the Temple.
  • New Music: Not one but two blood-boiling new tracks to accompany the new setting.

Hades can be played in Early Access for the PC exclusively through the Epic Games Store.