Fire Emblem: Three Houses Gifts Guide

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a new feature in which the characters build relations by giving each other gifts. Having this trading of gifts between characters increases their support levels and improves their ranking as well. The gifts are either bought from a shop or they are given to you at the end of the quests. There will be different shops that are going to be selling your gifts.

You can buy these gifts once per month. It is not necessary that the gifts that you but for your character will make them happy or not.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Gifts

Usually, you can give any kind of the gift to any character, but your characters have preferences when it comes to the kind of gift you are giving them.

If you give them a gift and it is not according to what they want then they will take the gift but there will be no change in the support level or ranking.

Hence why we have summoned up a guide for you that shows the gift and the character who will like that gift. The list will help you choose your gifts for the characters.

Black Eagles

Students of Black Eagles and the Gifts they prefer.

Armored Bear Stuffy, Board Game, Monarch Studies Book.

Board Game, Coffee Beans, The History of Fodlan.

Riding Boots, Tea Leaves, Whetstone.

Book of Crest Designs, Fishing Float, Tasty Baked Treat.

Smoked Meat, Training Weight, Whetstone.

Armored Bear Stuffy, Book of Sheet Music, Dapper Handkerchief, Landscape Painting, Watering Can.

Book of Sheet Music, Gemstone Beads, Stylish Hair Clip.

Exotic Spices, Hunting Dagger, Smoked Meat.

Golden Deer

Students of Golden Deer and the Gifts they prefer.

Archery Gifts, Horse Riding Gifts, Owl Feather

Fashion Items, Colorful Flowers

Fishing Float, Hunting Dagger, Training Weight

Smoked Meat, Tasty Baked Treat, Training Weight

Book of Sheet Music, Floral Adornment, Tea Leaves

Ancient Coin, Ceremonial Sword, Goddess Statuette, Landscape Painting

Armored Bear Stuffy, Dapper Handkerchief, Floral Adornment

Arithmetic Textbook, Armored Bear Stuffy, Book of Crest Designs, Tasty Baked Treat

Blue Lions

Students of Blue Lion and the Gifts they prefer.

Riding Boots, Owl Feathers, Weapons, Training gifts

Gardening Things, Flowers

Ceremonial Sword, Hunting Dagger, Smoked Meat, Training Weight

Board Game, Dapper Handkerchief, Landscape Painting

Legend of Chivalry, Riding Boots, Smoked Meat

Armored Bear Stuffy, Gemstone Beads, Goddess Statuette, Tasty Baked Treat

Arithmetic Textbook, Book of Sheet Music, Stylish Hair Clip

Ancient Coin, Exotic Spices, Legend of Chivalry, Tasty Baked Treat

Staff and the Gifts they prefer.

Goddess Statuette, Landscape Painting

Ancient Coin, Floral Adornment, Fishing Float

Hunting Dagger, Smoked Meat, Watering Can

Blue Cheese, Book of Sheet Music, Gemstone Beads, Goddess Statuette

Armored Bear Stuffy, Dapper Handkerchief, Stylish Hair Clip, Tasty Baked Treat

Fishing Float, Dapper Handkerchief, The History of Fodlan

Arithmetic Textbook, Book of Crest Designs, Dapper Handkerchief, Tea Leaves

Blue Cheese, Legend of Chivalry, Training Weight, Whetstone

Ceremonial Sword, Fishing Float, Goddess Statuette

Book of Sheet Music, Coffee Beans, Exotic Spices, Hunting Dagge

Flowers are a gift item that many students like but the thing with flowers is that they cannot be purchased from a gift shop. Instead, they are planted at the monastery greenhouse and are harvested there.

Gift and Uses

Floral Adornment: Flowers cut short so they can be worn decoratively. Appreciated by most ladies and those who like gardening.

Fishing Float
A tool that tells you when a fish is on the line. Appreciated by those who enjoy fishing.

Tasty Baked Treat
A baked confection made by mixing fruit into the dough. Appreciated by those with a sweet tooth.

Gemstone Beads
Small, sparkling beads for sewing into the fabric. Appreciated by fans of embroidery and handicraft.

Smoked Meat
Meat prepared in the monastery’s smoker. The type of meat is unclear, but a meat lover would appreciate it.

Armored Bear Stuffy
A fluffy stuffed bear wearing distinguished armor. Appreciated by those who love animals or cute things.

Training Weight
A weight that you can strap to your back to build muscle. Appreciated by those who enjoy weight training.

Book of Sheet Music
An old collection of sheet music filled with hymns and pastoral songs. Appreciated by those who enjoy music.

Hunting Dagger
A tool used for processing a catch after a hunt. Appreciated by those who enjoy hunting.

Arithmetic Textbook
A textbook for studying arithmetic with everyday examples of its use. Appreciated by those who enjoy studying.

The History of Fódlan
A book detailing the history of Fódlan. Appreciated by those who enjoy studying history.

Watering Can
A tool used for watering plants. Appreciated by those who enjoy gardening.

Riding Boots
Boots specially made for mastering the equestrian arts. Appreciated by those who enjoy horseback riding.

A stone used to sharpen the blades of swords or lances. Appreciated by those who enjoy weapon maintenance.

Tea Leaves
Aromatic tea leaves suited for a noble’s refined taste. Appreciated by tea aficionados.

Book of Crest Designs
A book containing the designs of 21 identified Crests. Appreciated by those who enjoy studying Crests.

Stylish Hair Clip
A hair accessory from a popular manufacturer. Appreciated by fashionable women.

Legends of Chivalry
Stories of knights proving their heroism with brave deeds. Appreciated by those who like reading or admire knights.

Monarch Studies Book
An essential text for future kings, queens, and emperors. Appreciated by those who enjoy studying government.

Dapper Handkerchief
A handkerchief adorned with refined embroidery. Appreciated by fashionable men.

Owl Feather
A feather from a messenger owl that can be used in a variety of ways. Appreciated by everyone.

Blue Cheese
A pungent cheese with a very distinctive taste. Appreciated by lovers of food and drink.

Landscape Painting
A landscape painting of magnificent Lake Teutates in the clearing fog. Appreciated by those who enjoy nature or art.

Exotic Spices
Spices from land to the east of Almyra. Appreciated by those who enjoy traveling or cooking.

Goddess Statuette
A beautiful wood carving of the goddess. Appreciated by those who like art or carving, and by devout believers.

Ceremonial Sword
A beautiful ceremonial sword with a mangled blade. Appreciated by weapon collectors.

Ancient Coin
A coin said to have been used as currency in ancient times. Appreciated by those who enjoy traveling, art, or coins.

Board Game
A fun activity in which players compete using stones on aboard. Appreciated by those who enjoy tactical thinking.

Coffee Beans
Beans meant to be ground and boiled into a hot beverage. Appreciated by those who enjoy bitter flavors.

Crestological Mysteries
A book introducing some obscure theories about Crests. Someone with a passion for that topic might want this.

Tome of Comely Saints
A book filled with striking illustrations of the male saints. Someone who admires good-looking men might want this.

Fire Amulet
A handy charm that came from somewhere far away. Someone from a foreign land might want this.

Glowing Stone
A lovely stone emitting a soft light. Someone who is gentle and calm might want this.

The Path of Dawn
Record of quiet, fleeting dawn. Someone who loves nature might want this.

Medicinal Eyedrops
Eye drops necessary for any book lover. Someone passionate about reading might want them.

Two-Toned Whetstone
A black-and-white whetstone suitable for sharpening a prized weapon. Catherine and Shamir both want this.