The Division 2 Projects Guide – How to Complete, Rewards, Projects List

In The Division 2, Projects are like small challenges. These challenges, upon completion, provide players with a decent amount of XP alongside weapons, gear, and blueprints.

The Division 2 Projects

As you progress through the campaign, you will gain the respect of civilians, unlock Settlements, and unlock Support Mission.

During a Support Mission, you are asked to help different Settlements. A successful attempt will upgrade the Settlement, and this, rewarding you generously.

You can find the Support Mission at the *Base of Operation*. In order to complete these missions, you will have to “Donate” some items to the Settlements ranging from Gear to Crafting Materials.

Therefore, be sure to see if you can donate anything you do not need before “Deconstructing” or selling an item. In order to donate your gear, head to a Settlement and speak to the Projects Desk.

Upon interacting, you will be able to see all the “Support Missions” available along with how information on how much materials/gear is required to complete them and the reward for completing them.

In addition to this, you can also donate via the World Map. Just change the tab to “Project” and follow the same procedure.

However, do note that you will have to travel to the “Settlement” in order to collect your reward but this is not a big issue since you can Fast Travel to a Settlement from the same map.