Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol Farming Locations Guide – Upgrade Prosperity Homebase Facilities

Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol is a resource needed by the players to upgrade Prosperity Homebase Facilities to enhance skills and obtain better weapons in FCND.

Far Cry New Dawn Ethanol

In Far Cry New Dawn, Ethanol is used as the main fuel source. Ethanol is needed to upgrade your Homebase Facilities in Prosperity.

Upgrading your Prosperity Homebase will help you to obtain better weapons, increase health, improve vehicles, and to make use of maps.

Getting these upgrades will increase your chance of survival against tougher enemies. Ethanol can be acquired by three ways in the FCND:

1. Capturing Outposts

The quickest way to acquire Ethanol in high amount is by liberating the Outposts. There are a total of 10 Outposts in the game which are easy to locate due to the smoke coming out of them.

Use your weapons to take down the enemies and doing so without getting caught or triggering any alarms will reward you with bonus Ethanol.

You can increase the amount of Ethanol by using the “Scavenging” option. After each capture, you will be asked if you want to “Scavenge” it.

This means you have to hand back the Outpost back to the enemies which will increase the difficulty level. If you conquer it again, the amount of Ethanol looted increases as well.

You can use this method twice that means that after conquering the Outpost first time, you can collect Ethanol two more times from the same place. You can farm upto 300 Ethanol by capturing these Outposts and applying these methods.

2. Ethanol Tankers

Ethanol is delivered to various Outposts in the game. Tankers that have the word “Ethanol” displayed on them carry them around. You have to stand near an Outpost to steal Ethanol from these tankers when they pass.

You can steal the Ethanol by taking control of the vehicle by shooting down the driver. Do it very carefully as alcohol is highly flammable and one shot in the wrong direction can take away your Ethanol.

Take the truck to your base and claim your Ethanol. You can farm about 75 Ethanol with this method.

3. Ethanol from Supply Drops

This is the most common way of getting Ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn. Supply Drops are totally random in the game. When the package is dropped from an airplane, you are informed about it by an on-screen message.

You should be able to identify them by the yellow smoke coming out from them. Reach to the place and kill the enemies that are guarding the Supply Drop to claim it. You can farm around 40 Ethanol by using this method in FCND.