Red Dead Redemption 2 Graves Locations – Paying Respects Guide

Graves do have importance in Red Dead Redemption 2. There are a total of 9 total Grave Locations in RDR2 and you’ll have to visit each of them to pay respects. Another good thing is that these graves are linked to a Trophy/Achievement titled “Pay Respects”.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Graves Locations

These are collectibles and will be only available to collect when you finish the main storyline. These will also appear in the checklist of your total progression of the game.

When found, you will have to interact with each of them to pay respects to your fallen comrades. Nothing is missable so you are able to visit any one them without any particular order.

In case you are having difficulties with finding these Graves in RDR2, you can also check out the map that outlines all the possible locations – right-click to open the map in full size:

Red Dead Redemption 2 Graves Locations Guide

1. Jenny Kirk Grave
To find the grave of Jenny, go to the northwestern part of the West World. You’ll find his grave on the top of mountains on the top of Spider Gorge.

2. Davey Callendar
Davey Callendar is one of the first people who die in the game. Although you don’t get to meet him directly, he’s a part of Journal Entries. Your journal will help you find his grave.

You will find him in Colter because he was last found at the Abandoned Mining Town in the same town. His grave is located behind the church in Polter. Once you find him in Colter, just press Y to pay respects.

3. Sean Macguire
This grave is located between a large number of trees. Rhodes happens to be the closest location to it. This grave is marked by a wooden cross and is in the west of Southfield Flats.

4. Kieran Duffy
Kieran Duffy’s grave can be found closer to an older camp of the gang at Shady Belle. This grave has a simple tombstone and is located in a very open area in a meadow so won’t be hard to find.

5. 6. Lenny Summers & Hosea Matthews
These both graves will be found close to each other. In fact, one is just behind it so keep your eyes open. This is because they both die around the same time in the story.

You’ll find their graves in Lemoyne that is located at the north of Saint Denis and to the east of Lagras Lake. Once you are close, you’ll see a very big tree with two tombstone style graves.

7. Eagle Flies
To pay respect to him, visit the Donner Falls and find a waterfall there. It’s going to be present on a cliff right across the waterfall.

8. Susan Grimshaw
This grave is located next to Elysian Pool and on top of the hill of the state of New Hanover, on a ridge. Another way to spot is that it’s going to be under a tree and her grave has a wooden mark with her name written on it.

9. Arthur Morgan
Arthur’s grave can be found near on the east side of Donner Falls next to the Mysterious Hill Home. Go on top of the hill right in front of the house and you’ll find Arthur’s grave on top of it.

This Mysterious Hill Home is also one of the points of interests in the game when completing it 100% so you’ll remember it once you are finished with the story. It also happens to be the one with the nicest view.