League of Legends Is Struggling To Maintain Its Revenue, Why?

In the gaming industry, the name League of Legends means a lot, it is one of the biggest games globally. However, being big and popular does not seem to help it, when it comes to generating revenue.

It seems to be that League of Legends has been struggling to maintain, in fact, has been trying to keep its revenue up for over a year. It has been seeing a major increase in the dropping ratio of revenue.

In one year this title has seen a revenue drop of 21%, moreover it is on a track to hit the lowest revenue in past four years. Also, those past four years have not been bright for the title.

Compared to its revenue in August 2017, the revenue of League of Legends has dropped by 21% as mentioned before, which indicates to the fact that it has not been a good year for Riot, in terms of its massive MOBA.

With all that said do not take this as the end of the game but perhaps a small cry for help. This revenue drop is something that can be taken care of it is not too significant to affect the overall success of the game.

Adding to that League of Legends is still the number three title on PC worldwide. The first two positions have now been taken by World of Warcraft and Monster Hunter: World that is for the month of August.

The current top 10 games on PC have been listed below.

1.Dungeon Fighter Online

2. World of Warcraft

3. League of Legends

4. Monster Hunter: World

5. Crossfire

6. Fantasy Westward Journey Online II

7. Fortnite: Battle Royale

8. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

9. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

10. World of Tanks

Having said that World of Warcraft is among the most subscribed titles out there, no wonder its revenue is reaching the sky. While Monster Hunter World is no strange to success as well. Since the game released it has been walking in millions, in terms of sales that is. Although it has seen some ups and downs, it has always managed to keep up.