The Walking Dead: Our World Beginners Guide – How To Earn Money, Combat Tips

Another genre that seems to be popular other than the Battle Royale one is the one that utilizes the AR technology of the likes of Pokemon Go. The Jurassic Park game recently on handheld devices used a similar concept, now it is the turn for the popular television series, The Walking Dead. Take on zombies like those that you have never before in this location-based game. Follow our The Walking Dead: Our World Beginners Guide for getting good at the zombie-hunting business.

The Walking Dead: Our World Beginners Guide

In this mobile game, you use your real-world location to complete various tasks and challenges. You will get a chance to kind of role-play being in a post-apocalyptic world. The crux of the game is still about survival including the search for supplies, forming factions but most importantly: tackling the zombie threat.

The majority of these missions involve using your firearms against a horde of the undead so it is more useful to understand how combat works and how you can become better at it. When it comes to shooting, always aim for the head.

This will instantly put down a walker and help you clear out hordes of enemies. Also, take your aim freely and patiently, as the walkers will not advance towards you until they are fired upon.

Combat Tips

To improve combat outside of the actual fight i.e. improve your fighting ability you will need to level up your character. While a decent amount of hero cards drop in combat that you can later utilize to level up your character, you would still need coins to get the rarer cards and upgrade them.

To maximize coins earned and the energy gained, you can activate perk cards like Duffel Bag and Go Bag. Energy is essential because it helps you carry out as many tasks as possible. In addition to the main tasks, the game also hosts daily and weekly events that give you extra rewards including weapons.

Joining a clan will help you get these rewards quicker as each member can contribute to these challenges.

Lastly look out for notes left behind by other survivors. These will help you remain alert about a threat nearby or even point you towards a weapon location. Therefore, be prepared, roam around and always keep your one hand on the weapon.

This is all we have in our The Walking Dead: Our World Beginners Guide. If you have anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!