Sea Of Thieves Latest Update Taken Down Due To Instability

Sea of Thieves recently added one of the most requested features, namely private or closed crews. They allow you to limit the places in your group to your friends only.

However, this long-awaited private feature was simply disabled and other features were removed just 12 hours after it was deployed. The reason is rather simple since the update brought significant instabilities in the servers.

Hiding tags were also removed which was a new feature and will help you underwater once it arrives again hopefully along with the ability to give items to your friends without dropping them on the floor first.

Unfortunately, despite the withdrawal of this update, instabilities seem to persist, developers have announced that they worked hard to resolve these problems as quickly as possible. No date has been given to indicate a return to normal of their services, but Rare will surely communicate via Twitter if necessary.

Originally private crews were supposed to launch last week which also got delayed due o the discovery of a bug at the last moment.

Sea Of Thieves is having a rough time since the start as it faced lots of bugs and errors, despite the bugs and errors in the game, Rare announced that they passed over 1 million unique players in just 48 hours after the release in New Zealand. It was noted that 5000 people joined the game per minute. These increasing number of players caused the game to encounter some bugs and issues on the launch day.

Other than that there’s a lack of content in the game and players are reporting there is not much to do in the game. Those who are still playing also say that the graphics are so simple. People faced many bugs on the launch with error codes which was addressed by the developers and they did say that they will be bringing new content to the game which is good news.

We hope that Rare gets rid of these day to day errors and bring fun to the game. Do check out our short review of the game if you haven’t played the game already.