Yakuza 6 Cats Guide – Stray Cats Locations, Where To Find All 19 Cats

By   /   Apr 7, 2018
Yakuza 6 Cats

A cute side quest that can be found in a dark game like Yakuza 6 is the part where you have to find 19 different stray cats scattered throughout the two different cities of the game. This may seem like a gigantic task due to the sheer complexity and density of the cities, but this Yakuza 6 Cats Guide will make things easier for you.

Our Yakuza 6 Cats Guide will tell you where to find all of the cats that you are tasked with finding in the game. Apart from that, it will tell you the favorite food of the cat, all of the other foods that the cat might eat and how to actually begin this quest.

Yakuza 6 Cats Quest

This quest is not the main quest, and thus you need to start this for yourself. You can find the Nyan Nyan Car Café towards the eastern corners of Kamurocho near the south end of Senyro Avenue.

Once you discover that all of the cats have deserted the café, you will head out to find and befriend all 19 of them and bring them back to the café.

In order to befriend the cat, you need to find it and then feed it one of the foods that it likes. Let us go ahead and see where the cats are and what do they like to eat. Here are the cats found in both of the cities of Yakuza 6.

Kamurocho Cat Locations

CatPreferable FoodOther FoodLocation
ViolaGold TunaChicken, Tuna, White Fish, BonitoAround New Serena or Lullaby Mahjong
MusashiGold Tuna, BonitoChicken, Beef, Tuna, White FishOn West Taihei Boulevard, Suppon Street or Tenkaichi Street
KotetsuGold Tuna, Bonito, SalmonChicken, Beef, White FishAround Tenkaichi Alley
FukuGold Tuna, Beef, TunaChicken, Salmon, White FishOn Showa Street or South Pink Street
MilkGold Tuna, White Fish, TunaChicken, Salmon, BonitoNorth of the Cat Café
ShizukuGold Tuna, Bonito, SalmonChicken, Tuna, White FishNear Club Sega/ Nakamichi Alley
LeonGold Tuna, Chicken, BonitoBeef, Tuna, SalmonNear Millenium Tower or Sushi Zanmai
MaronGold Tuna, ChickenTuna, Salmon, White FishOn Theatre Alley
VictoriaGold TunaTuna, Salmon, White Fish, BonitoWest side of West Shichifuku Street

Onomichi Cat Locations

CatFavorite FoodAcceptable FoodLocation
ToraGold Tuna, BeefChicken, Tuna, Salmon, White FishNear Ryunan Shrine
NanaGold Tuna, TunaChicken, Beef, Salmon, BonitoNear La Pente or First Hill
TamaGold Tuna, SalmonTuna, White Fish, BonitoInside the Cemetery
HimeGold Tuna, ChickenTuna, Salmon, White Fish, BonitoNear Ropeway Station
MikeGold Tuna, Bonito, TunaChicken, Beef, SalmonWest side of Central Shopping District
RinGold Tuna, White Fish, TunaBeef, Salmon, BonitoNear Navy Apartments/West Shishudo Street
KuroGold Tuna, Beef, SalmonTuna, White Fish, BonitoOn Jingai Ferry Dock
ShiroGold Tuna, Chicken, White FishBeef, Tuna, BonitoSouth street of Hana-no-Kubo (near Kiko’s bar)
KokoGold Tuna, White FishChicken, Beef, Salmon, BonitoNear Hana-no-Kubo
KaiGold Tuna, BeefChicken, White Fish, BonitoOutside Otafuku Prawn

That is all we have for our Yakuza 6 Cats Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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