Yakuza 6 Safes and Keys Locations Guide – How To Open All Safes, Keys Locations

Finding keys has always been a staple of the Yakuza Series and a game without looking for keys would probably not even be considered a Yakuza game. Do not worry if you cannot find a certain key though, as this Yakuza 6 Safes and Keys Guide exists for a reason.

Our Yakuza 6 Safes and Keys Guide will tell you where all of the different keys and the safes are located. They are usually found really close to each other and once you open the safe, you will have access to all that is inside. There are 10 different safes in the game, and we will tell you about all of them.

How to Find Yakuza 6 Safes and Keys

As we said before, you will be able to find 10 different safes in the game. All of these safes will have a piece of gear which you can acquire once you get the key and open the safe. The rewards can be quite different but all of them will help you in the game in one way or the other.

The safes and the keys are quite close to each other and are usually found in the same building. This is good since the area is quite dense and it would be very difficult to find or explain where the keys actually are. Let us go ahead and take a look at the location of the keys, safes and the rewards that you will get for opening each of the safes.

Safes and Keys Locations

The safes can be found in Kamurocho and in Onomichi. Let us take a look at where they are one by one!


  • The first key can be found inside of POPPO. The parking lot has the safe which houses the High-Tech In-Soles.
  • The second key is on the stairs towards the far north side whereas the safe is at the top of the building. The reward for this is the Experience book.
  • The third key is at the building which has the Mah-Jong minigame. The safe is towards the top of the same building and will reward you with the Rusted Chain Mall.
  • Another key is located at the entrance of the SPUNKY building and the safe will be in the office of the second floor. Your reward for opening the safe will be the Hungry Belt.
  • The last key is in the Tenkaichi St. Go to the building with the red carpet and find the key in the staircase. The safe will be at the top of the building and you will get a Steel Underwear in it.


  • Another key is towards the end of the dock. The reward for opening the safe will be Fearless Binding.
  • The second key is near the path to the hill on E National Route 2. The safe is quite close and houses the Blood-Stained Binding.
  • Another key is at the top of the building between Jingai Main St. and W National Route 2. The reward for the safe is Stamina Belt.
  • The fourth key is opposite of the second key on the other side of the route. The garage below houses the safe with the Love Protection Charm inside it.
  • Head West from the fourth key to find the last key on the first floor of the area. The safe is found beyond the narrow crossing and will reward you with the Bloody Fundoshi.

That is all we have for our Yakuza 6 Safes and Keys Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!