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Monster Hunter World Builds Guide – Best Builds, Weapon Recommendations, Skills

Below we have some of the Best Monster Hunter World Builds for you that have the best combinations of damage dealing, defense, and mobility. Based on your personal preferences; you can use any one of these builds and begin your journey in Monster Hunter World. Feel free to tweak these builds to make them more suitable for your playstyle as well!

Monster Hunter World Builds Guide

Monster Hunter World is full of different Armor Sets and Weapons that you can use for creating the ultimate hunter. It is vital that you keep some things in mind while creating these hunters such as affinity, skills, and bonuses. These skills and bonuses come when you combine different armor pieces together.

Best Insect Glaive Build

If you prefer insane amounts of mobility while dealing massive damage to the monsters, then the Insect Glaive build is the right option for you. Insect Glaive is the agilest weapon in the game and lets you move around very easily and quickly.

Apart from great mobility, Insect Glaives also come paired with Kinsect, which you can use as a secondary attack and deal special type of damage to the monster as well. These are exchangeable and you can switch to any Kinsect that you want to use with any Insect Glaive that you want.

Our focus for this build is maximum mobility and maximum damage to both the main weapon and the Kinsect are selected according to it. For the ultimate Insect Glaive build, your main Insect Glaive that you must go for is the Catastrophe’s Light. It features 651 base attack and its element is Dragon and deals 150 elemental damage.

It is the single Insect Glaive with the highest raw damage in the whole game and it comes with the Elderseal stat. Forging it is, of course, no easy feat but once accomplished, this is the perfect build for the select weapon type. It is the final upgrade of Ore Tree. You need to upgrade Ore Tree first to Nergigante Tree and then finally to Catastrophe’s Light.

The crafting materials that you require to forge a Catastrophe’s Light are 2 Xeno’jiiva Horns, 5 Nergigante Horns, 5 Nergigante Talons and 1 Nergigante Gem. Once you have all these crafting components, you can forge the Catastrophe’s Light.

Now for the perfect Kinsect to use with it, the Kinsect that you must use with Catastrophe’s Light is the Pseudocath III. It excels in Blast damage and gives you a very good speed boost as well. To derive Pseudocath III, you will first need Culldrone III and then Windchopper I-III. You can forge it once you have 2 Elder Dragon Bones, 3 Monster Hardbones, and 3 Firecell Stones.

Coming to stats, Pseudocath III has Sever Attack Type and the Dust Effect is Blast. It also has Dragon Element. Its power is level 11, speed level 15 while heal is level 3 which is pretty weak.

These two, when combined with a decent set of armor, gives you the best Insect Glaive build. Make sure that the armor you choose, keeps affinity neutral or positive to take good use of the Catastrophe’s Light’s damage capabilities.

Best Longsword Build

The Longsword build that we are going to show you is a little complex one. It requires certain gems that are very hard to find. However, if you manage to find these gems, this build is one of the best Longsword Builds in the game.

To start with the build, let us start with the skills that you will want for this build. Start with Attack Boost Level 7, Weakness Exploit Level 3, Speed Sharpening Level 3, Dragon Attack Level 2, Agitator Level 2, Critical Eye Level 1 and Protective Path level 1. These are all the skills that you must equip for this build.

Coming in detail, Attack Boost Level 7 will increase your Attack by 21 and Affinity by 5%. Weakness Exploit will grant you a bonus of 50% increased affinity when you hit a weak spot. Speed Sharpening Level 3 will remove three cycles from the sharpening process. Dragon Attack will increase your Dragon Elemental attack power by 60.

Agitator works great against large monster as it increases your attack power and affinity when they are engaged. At level 2, it will increase attack by 8 and affinity by 6%. Critical Eye grants you a permanent 3% affinity increase while Protective Polish protects the weapon sharpness after sharpening for a certain period.

Along with using these skills, you will also require some gems to complete this build. For this build we recommend that you use Sharp Jewel 2, Expert Jewel 1, Tenderizer Jewel 2, 2 Dragon Jewels 1 and a Grinder Jewel 1. Sharp Jewel 2 also protect weapon sharpness and prevents it from decreasing after you have sharpened it.

The Expert Jewel will increase your affinity permanently by 3%. The Tenderizer Jewel increases your weak spot attack affinity by 15%. Both the Dragon Jewels will increase your Dragon Elemental attack power by 30 each. The Grinder Jewel will remove one cycle from the sharpening process.

Coming to the last requirements for this, the gear that you will require for this build are Xeno Cypher main weapon. This is an endgame item and you will be able to craft it after defeating one of the last few bosses. For the neck, you will be wearing the Attack Charm III.

In head armor slot, you will wear Dragonking Eyepatch. For the chest, you will need Odogaron Mail. In arms slot, you will need Nergigante Vambraces. For the waist, you will need Nergigante Coil. Dober Greaves are your leg armor for this build.

Best Dual Blades Build

Dual Blades is also one of the fastest Weapons in the game. The build we have here involves mobility and easy of combat. If you are a beginner to the series, Dual Blades should be the weapon of choice for you. They are the easiest of all Weapons to use in the game.

For this build, let us start with the skills that you will need for it. You will need Attack Boost Level 5, Marathon Runner Level 3, Speed Sharpening Level 3, Divine Blessing Level 3, Thunder Attack Level 2, Weakness Exploit Level 2 and Defense Boost Level 1.

Level 5 of Attack Boost will increase your Attack by 15 and affinity by 5%. Marathon Runner Level 3 will reduce the continuous stamina depletion by 50%. It is good when you want to keep moving around during the battle. Divine Blessing Level 3 will reduce the damage that you take by 50% when active. It is a good defensive skill.

Speed Sharpening Level 3 will reduce three cycles from your sharpening process. This is necessary with Dual Blades because the sharpness reduces very quickly with them. Weakness Exploit Level 2 will increase the affinity against weak spots by 30%.

Coming to Jewels, you will want to opt for Whetstone Charm III in the neck slot. This will enhance your Speed Sharpening Skill, which is again useful with Dual Blades. Critical Boost Jewel will increase your chances of landing a critical hit by 30%.

Along with these options, you can use any sort of good and balanced armor. Make sure that the affinity is kept in neutral or positive so that the damage output remains good. Also using heavy armor will make the above choices redundant so make sure that you are using a light or medium armor to stay as much mobile as possible.

Best Lance Build

For this Lance build, you will be focusing on dealing as much damage as possible. It also makes your defense very strong. For this build, you will need Dragonking Eyepatch A, Uragaan Mail A, Kaiser Vambraces B, Uragaan Coil B, Uragaan Grieves A and Ironsides Charm III.

Using this setup will give you 5 Guard, Uragaan Protection Skill, Partbreaker 3 and Weakness Exploit 3. Your main weapon of choice must be Datura Pike 3. You can deal some serious Poison damage with it. This set up is the best option when you want to have a nearly impenetrable defense. Lance is good for defense and this build is focused mainly on defense.

Best Heavy Bow Gun Build

This build focuses on building the best Heavy Bow Gun Build in Monster Hunter World. For this build, your weapon of choice will be Kadachi Lion III. It has a base attack of 269 and has no elemental bonuses. The main reason for using this Heavy Bow Gun is that this is the only Heavy Bow Gun in the game that gives your 4 slicing shots.

Along with this weapon, you must use Attack Charm III, as it will increase your Attack Boost skill. Combine these with Xeno’jiiva Headgear B, Rathalos Mail B, Xeno’jiiva Claws, Xeno’jiiva Spine B and Rathalos Greaves B. Make sure you have at least 3 pieces of Xeno’jiiva armor set equipped.

Your set of skills for this build will be Attack Boost Level 3, Dragon Attack Level 3, Weakness Exploit Level 3, Blight Resistance Level 3, Flinch Free Level 2, Health Boost Level 1, Critical Eye Level 1, Critical Boost Level 1, Evade Extender Level 1 and Jump Master Level 1.

Bonus Build: Odogaron Dragonking

This bonus build is excellent for high-rank quests and will let you cut down monsters very easily. For this, you need to complete the Odogaron Armor but replace one of the components with the Dragonking Set.

For this build, you will require, Odogaron Mail, Odogaron Vambraces, Odogaron Coil, Odogaron Greaves and Dragonking Eyepatch. The Odogaron Armor set is a very special set as it grants you bonuses for an increased number of items you equip of the same set.

For every two pieces of the armor set equipped, you will get the Punishing Draw Skill, which increases your attack power and adds a stun effect to all draw attacks landed on the enemy. If you equip four pieces of the armor, you will get Protective Polish skill giving you protection against wearing down sharpness after you sharpen a weapon.

Apart from these bonuses, you will also get Constitution Level 1 and Quick Sheath Level 1along with Level 5 Affinity, Level 3 Bleeding Resistance, and Level 3 Speed Sharpening. For the last component of the armor, you will use a Dragonking component with is the Dragonking Eyepatch which will give you additional bonuses.

It will give you Weakness Level 2, which increases the Affinity by 30% while hitting weak spots. You can use any weapon type with it but we recommend that you use Dual Blades with this set up as it will give you increased mobility.

This concludes our Monster Hunter World Builds Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!