Rare Is Excited About Sea of Thieves Launch, 4K And HDR Support On Xbox One X In Works

We are all waiting patiently to see how the Sea of Thieves launch will impact what PC fans like to play in their spare times. Will the game be able to win its rightful place against titans like League of Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? Rare is optimistic about the game’s release and believe that it’s an experience like no other.

Sea of Thieves is set to launch on March 20, meaning that we’ll be able to play it in about a month from now. While the game’s beta was a bit bumpy but successful, Rare is excited about its launch and have a strong commitment to ongoing support of Sea of Thieves. During his meeting with Xbox: The Official Magazine, via Wccftech, Rare’s Executive Producer, Joe Neate stated:

We feel good about our launch offering, and that Sea of Thieves offers an experience like no other. We also feel great about how we plan to grow and evolve the game. Launch is just the start, and I’m so excited to begin this journey for real. For now, we remain focused on the launch experience, and we’re committed to ensuring players have a great initial experience, and then we’ll transition into our post-launch roadmap of features.

It’s important to point out that Sea of Thieves will its scheduled Xbox One X enhancements with 4K resolution and HDR support included. Rare reveals that the game’s version on Xbox One X pushes the console pretty far:

We were always well prepared for the Xbox One X version. We had already worked a lot in terms of 4K assets and HDR lighting due to our work on the PC version, so it was quite easy to get it up and running. Now we have taken it quite far, with the game running in native 4K, supporting HDR, with high-resolution textures and shadows and support for Dolby Atmos.

Sea of Thieves will debut on Xbox One and PC on March 20th. The game will be included in Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service on launch day along with Crackdown 3 and State of Decay.

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