Nintendo Switch Exploit Allows Hackers To Run Linux, Claim It Cannot Be Patched

Hacking into a piece of hardware is a tough job but hackers find their way around it, hacking into Nintendo hardware is pretty difficult but it seems that hackers have pulled it off once again. The Nintendo Switch has been prone to hacking and here we have another incident where hackers were able to run Linux on the Nintendo Switch and hackers even claim that the exploit cannot be patched.

While I am sure that Nintendo will do anything and everything in its power to patch this issue but if the claims are true and the bug cannot be patched then this will open doors to pirated games and this will affect sales of Nintendo Switch titles as well.

The hacker made this exploit public on Twitter and you can check it out here. Piracy hit PS2 and Xbox 360 hard and I am sure that Nintendo does not want that for the Nintendo Switch. We will have to wait and see what Nintendo is going to do about this exploit and whether or not the issue can be resolved.

While on the topic of Nintendo Switch we have insider information that the upcoming Madden and FIFA 19 will be available on the Nintendo Switch. This is something to look forward to and could be a major factor when deciding whether or not to get a Nintendo Switch.

There is also a rumor that Ridge Racer 8 and Metroid Prime 4 be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch but as there is no confirmation from developers or Nintendo at this moment you should take this information with a grain of salt and not take it all to heart so soon.

Let us know what you think about the Nintendo Switch exploit and whether or not you think it will be patched in future firmware updates.

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