Subnautica Guide – Finding Food, Blueprints, Vehicles, Aerogel, Polyaniline (Beginners Tips and Tricks)

This Subnautica Guide will tell you everything from where you can find food and water with various different Tips and Tricks which will help you survive in the depths of the ocean. The tips covered include Blueprints, Scanner Room, and the different tools that you will need in your quest.

Subnautica Guide

Finding food and water can be a massive problem for newer players, especially ones who have come from games like DayZ and Just Survive. However, it is actually not that difficult to locate stuff which you will consume.

The first thing you will need is the GravTrap. Get your hands on a scanner and scan the Plateaus near the Aurora and the way leading up to it. Stuff that you need is a Battery, Copper Ore and Titanium. Once you have these, you can craft a GravTrap.

Once you have a GravTrap, you need to go to the shallows where there are a lot of fish waiting to be devoured by you. Once you throw your GravTrap at the fishes, you will notice the fishes are immediately pulled in with some other stuff as well.

Now all you need to do is to take the fishes back to your life pod. After this, you can find the water down towards the hatch or dig in to find it.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Before we move ahead, you should know how to use the Scanner Room. You need 3 Solar Panels to power it at all times. Find a panel where you can recognize some of the objects and begin scanning. It is best if you get the HUD upgrade, as it will automatically tell you the location of the items that you have found.

The Scanner bots can save you some valuable time by searching for the materials without wasting your own oxygen. However, if they do get near a Stalker, they will almost certainly die.

Just remember that the room only shows you fragments of stuff that you do not have the blueprints for, and will ignore it for the blueprints you already have.


Certain Blueprints are absolutely essential if you want to succeed in the game. The Repair Tool is very easy to find and very important. All you need to do is to find the Crashfish, go to the plant it was living in after it blows up and pick up the sulfur to unlock the blueprint.

The Radio can also be easily acquired, simply use the Repair Tool to fix it in your life pod. After that, you can focus on the Scanner Room. You need to find some fragments near the grassy plateaus in the biomes. After building a Scanner Room, you will need a Beacon. Try to find it as soon as you can since it will allow you to go back to the places where you can find food and other important objects much more easily.

These Beacons can be used to forgo the small range of the Scanner Room, as you can mark the locations of wreckages which are much farther away from your Life Pods. You can also use them to mark routes to your secondary bases, which will be very helpful as you move on further into the game.

Add to this the Cutting Tool, which can be crafted through fragments found in pretty much every nook and cranny of the shallows, and you have the necessary blueprints needed for survival. The Cutting Tool can be used to cut through wreckage but requires a lot of power, so remember to bring some batteries for it if you plan to use it for elongated periods.


From the vehicles, The Seaglide is by far the most important, as it will allow you to get away from predators. Try to have it on your hotbar for quick deployment. The Seamoth will be used by you the most. It is the fastest and is quite easy to build. It will provide you with oxygen so use it for exploring as much as you can.

If you are looking for an alternative, then The Cyclops can be a good mobile base for your operations. It has a lot of chargers and lockers. It can be easily attacked by predators so only use it if you have to, or if you are in a safe area. Lastly, we have The Prawn; it is not that good unless you have the Drill Arm for it. I would advise you not to build it unless you do have the Arm for it, as it is useless without it and you will be better off with other vehicles.

Aerogel and Polyaniline

To finish our Subnautica Guide, let’s take a look at Aerogel! To make it, you need a Ruby which can be found deep underwater. They are bright red in color so you will probably not be able to miss them if you saw them.

Apart from this, you will need Gel Sacks will be found in caves deep underwater. They have a purple glow so you should be able to find them quite easily. To make Polyaniline, you need 3 Deep Shrooms and 1 Salt Deposit; this will make Hydrochloric Acid which you can combine with Gold to make Polyaniline. Deep Shrooms can be found in other life pods near the really deep water.

That is all we have for our Subnautica Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

Thanks, HisDudeness.