ARK Aberration Karkinos Taming Guide – How to Tame Karkinos, Where to Find, Taming Tips

Along with the new Aberattion update for ARK, came forth a host of new creatures that you can use, fight and tame. Karkinos is just one of those new creatures, and like most of the others, it can be a difficult process to try and figure out how to tame it. This ARK Aberration Karkinos Taming Guide will tell you all about how you can tame Karkinos in the new update, and how you can best utilize him while you are out on the field.

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How to Tame Karkinos in ARK Aberration – ARK Aberration Karkinos Taming

Karkinos is a massive crab who can be tricky to tame. Even the dream rifle cannot one shot a crab, that should explain how difficult it can be to tame them. You need to set up a tap down below in the water to actually tame it. Make sure the trap is set up in the way that he cannot escape. A bear trap surrounded by walls should do the trick.

Next lure the Karkinos (like you do when trying to tame a Giga) into the trap. Once he is trapped inside the trap. Now set up a catapult to move on to the next part of the taming process.

ARK Aberration Karkinos Taming Tips and Tricks

It might actually be a good idea to have a catapult ready near your trap before you lure in the Karkinos. You need to make sure that you only hit the Karkinos in the head or the body and not on the claws. Hitting the Karkinos on the claws will render it dead and you will have to start all over again.

Keep on shooting the Karkinos until you tame it. The higher the level of the Karkinos, the more hits it will take before it is knocked out. Once you have knocked out the Karkinos, it will be in your control and will be tamed.

That is all we have for our ARK Aberration Karkinos Taming Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!