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Project Scorpio: Microsoft is Stuck Targeting Gamers Who Don’t Care About Games, Analyst

Project Scorpio could very well cost over $700, according to an analyst. This means that Microsoft is targeting high-end buyers and as we know that part of the community is less concerned about the game and more about the hardware under the hood.

According to DFC Intelligence head David Cole, Microsoft is stuck targeting the high-end user base. The part of the community that is willing to spend money on hardware but is less interested in the games themselves.

In a statement provided to GamesIndustry:

Microsoft once was going to go after a broad consumer base but now they are stuck targeting the bleeding edge of game consumers that want the highest performing hardware and are more concerned with specs than actual games.

In DFC’s latest report on upcoming games we noted that more and more developers are opting not to release Xbox One versions of their games this season. Project Scorpio does not give them reason to change that because it is really targeted towards core Xbox fans that are already converted. For Scorpio to succeed Microsoft somehow needs to convince non-Xbox owners to convert

E3 2017 is going to be a major event for Microsoft, one that will define the future of Xbox. Microsoft will be sharing the price and Project Scorpio games line-up in June. The games line-up is the most crucial element to the success of Project Scorpio.

However, Microsoft’s lack of first party studios is a major concern and Phil Spencer himself acknowledged the issue. Let’s see what happens at E3 2017.

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Source: GameIndustry