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Yakuza 0 Boss Fight Guide – How to Defeat Daisaku Kuze

The very first Yakuza 0 Boss fight you’ll have comes at the end of chapter 1. You will go up against Daisaku Kuze who is a very tough boss. Not only Kuze himself, but the fights leading up to him may prove to be a little more than one can chew.

Yakuza 0 Boss Fight – Daisaku Kuze

At the end of chapter 1, you will face your first boss Daisaku Kuze. He comes with a couple of health bars and gets much tougher after you drain the first one. We recommend using Rush Style while facing Kuze in Yakuza 0. Kuze will dodge and evade your attacks so it is best to use Rush to overwhelm. During the first bar use the Square and Triangle chain attacks together againsts Kuze.

Depending on your rush attack power these attacks can knock Kuze back or on the floor.  If you manage to knock him on the floor, go to him and kick him. You can also perform a power attack.

Normal kick has be performed twice before Kuze is able to get up. However, one power attack can still deal more damage. Use the combo once again in an attempt to knock him down. Keep repeating the process until the bar runs out. Before the bar runs out, you will enter a quick time event before the second bar comes up.

You will beat Kuze in the quick time event which will make him twice as angry as he was during the first bar. In phase two, Kuze will dodge and evade your attacks. You need to wait for Kuze to attack, dash to avoid his attack and counter from the side.

Wait, dash, counter, and repeat.

That’s all you need to know in order to beat Kuze and complete chapter 1.