Uncharted 4 Easter Egg is the Best in PlayStation History

If you wish to avoid spoilers and want to see this Uncharted 4 easter egg yourself, than it is probably best that you avoid reading any further or seeing the gallery below. Keep in mind that there aren’t any story spoilers here, it is just a surprise easter egg that you may want to remain a surprise until you play the game yourself.

Spoiler Alert!

Uncharted 4 features an amazing Crash Bandicoot easter egg. During early sections of the game Nate and Elena are in their home playing Crash Bandicoot on a PlayStation One, which Nate doesn’t seem to recognize. I guess he was too busy killing pirates, and being an action hero he so doesn’t know what a PlayStation is even though he is the face of all things PlayStation right now.

Amazing, right? So are they teasing a new game with this or just paying tribute to one of the most loved characters of PlayStation?