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PlayStation VR Price May Be Revealed Next Month, Exclusive Event Planned

Over the past few months we have seen plenty of rumors and speculations regarding the price of PlayStation VR. Andrew House suggested that it may cost as much as a new console, $400 possibly. Leaks say that it may go beyond $500.

Since Sony is silent on the topic, we can’t be sure about any one of these price points. However, Sony may not be silent for too long now. The company has just announced an exclusive PlayStation VR event for March.

Sony will discuss all things PlayStation VR at the event and one of the things that could/should be discussed is PS VR’s price. Rivals like Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE have already announced their asking price, and have given Sony a perfect opportunity to take the lead.

HTC VIVE comes in at $799 while Oculus Rift will cost $599.

Both devices cost way more than originally expected and if PlayStation VR price is even slightly lower than Oculus Rift, lets say $500-550, it would have a huge advantage.

Sony’s exclusive press event will be held on March 15 in San-Francisco, California. It is an invite only event that will begin will a presentation at 2PM PT followed by hands-on demos till 6PM, so if you are invited, don’t miss-out on an opportunity of trying out PlayStation VR.

Doors will open at 1PM PT.

Sony is betting hard on PlayStation VR but on the other hand, Microsoft isn’t interested in VR at all. The company is instead working on augmented reality. The device they are working on is called HoloLens but Microsoft feels that the world isn’t ready for it.

HoloLens is something really unique but at the same time it feels very gimmicky. The range of things it can do not only need to expand but before Microsoft even thinks about shipping it, it needs to make sure that the technology can deliver what they are promising.

Source: Sony